Creature – #writephoto #Halloween

Take a very close look at this photo.


Can you see that dark creature? It’s staring back at you. See its eyes?

Don’t look away from it. Stare at the creature for at least five seconds, and you’ll see exactly what it is.

Here, take another look. Remember, look at it for at least five seconds.


Did you stare at it for at least five seconds?

Did it reveal what it was to you?

Did you notice how it moved slightly?

No? Then take a final look. Remember, stare at it for at least five seconds. Providing you do, then you’ll see it move slightly and reveal its secret.


Did it work? No? Then I’m going to have to tell you.

You see, that creature is the creak of the door. It’s that faint sound you hear in the middle of the night that wakes you up and makes you freeze, unable to move. It’s that feeling that terrifies you even though you’re not sure you heard a noise.

That creature is the creak of the trees as you walk past them. It’s the faint sound of those footsteps behind you. It’s the one ring of the telephone that stops and makes you wonder if anybody was really calling you. It’s the chill that passes through your body when somebody walks over your grave. That creature is the whisper you think you heard when you were all alone.

That creature only sleeps on the night of Halloween. That’s the one night you can rest, knowing that you’ll be safe…unless…you stared at the photo for more than five seconds.

Did I not mention to you that the photo is cursed and that nobody should stare at it for more than five seconds or have read to this point of this post? Now you’re cursed. You see, that creature is me. I’m right behind you, right now! Whatever you do, don’t look behind you. In fact, never ever look behind you ever again. Never! You see, if you do, then…

I am the creature.

Written in response to Sue Vincent’s The Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto – Over at The Daily Echo.

© 2016 Copyright-All rights


97 thoughts on “Creature – #writephoto #Halloween

  1. Wonderful to see you in such great form Hugh…but now I’m regretting reading this post, lol! That is one creepy photo and story…perfect! And a very Happy Halloween to you too! 🙂 xxx

      1. Ahh…great writing prompt! Thanks Hugh, am typing in between handing out sweets to trick or treaters…thin on the ground this evening so far…the trick or treaters, not the sweets! All the more for us though 😀 Happy Halloween to you too and I’ll email you tomorrow 🙂 xxx

        1. You know, I can’t do them anymore, either. The last one I watched (Paranormal Activity) had me freaked out for months. Scariest thing I’d ever seen. But I do like to send the shivers through my readers.

  2. Reblogged this on Jemsbooks and commented:
    Oooh, don’t look behind you! Something is creepy, crawly and goes bump into the night! From the king of the unexpected, Hugh Roberts, provides the scene for a scary short story for Halloween. Happy Halloween to all!

  3. Oooh, Hugh, you got me! I was really concentrating on the photo and even enlarged it to get a closer look. I should have known you were going to try something tricky! LOL! Your words gave me the creeps. I am stilll not looking behind me! 🙂

  4. Oh you really gave me the creeps with that Hugh as I stared at it for quite a while. Your menacing ending made me shiver!
    You definitely excel at these dark, creepy stories!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃

    1. And there’s everyone thinking I was a quiet boy, Judy. 😀

      Creepy will have to be my middle name. Now, I’m off to feed the creature. Oh, hang on. He seems to be hiding behind somebody. Now, who is it? Oh no! 😱

  5. I have to admit that I did stare for more than the 5 second limit lol. Am I the only one who sees a cute little black dog with slightly curly, medium length fur?

  6. Oooer, Hugh… not sure that was what I needed at Halloween! I’ll admit, its not a side of you I saw, or even suspected last June in London. But then they do say the quiet ones are the worst…

      1. I won´t, but early this morning when I took the dog for a walk we encountered a black cat who kept following us. Not sure who was more frightened, the dog or me.

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