Gateway – #writephoto

It’s infrequent I write poetry, but this came to me when I saw the #writephoto prompt from Sue Vincent at Daily Echo.

#writephoto prompt from Sue Vincent - Daily Echo
Credit: Sue Vincent – Daily Echo

Before you read the poem, please be assured that I am very well, enjoying life, and haven’t touched a drop…yet.

This is the gateway to heartache

This is the gateway to my soul

This is the gateway to all of me

My thoughts, my secrets, my control.

Don’t enter this gateway

Don’t put a foot inside

For what will wake up and confront you

Will be sadness, my tears, not joy.

Find me a lock and find me the key

So I can protect you from all that is me

Build up a brick wall and pass me on by

So this gateway to nightmares will no longer horrify.

I think it shows that these photo and writing challenges are a brilliant way to bring out the unusual in my writing.

I rarely write poetry because I find it so challenging to write, so I’d love to know what you think of this rare attempt.

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96 thoughts on “Gateway – #writephoto

  1. Deep, meaningful. Love it Hugh. Love that you tried a bit of poetry too. I don’t normally do poetry either – very occasionally I will try it, but I have to be feeling REALLY REALLY confident to do it.

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