Black And White #flashfiction

“Well, we’ll never see the blood properly if the movie is in black and white. It’ll be like watching Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ with all that chocolate sauce used in the shower scene,” nagged Margaret.

Not only did Colin, her husband, wish he’d never downloaded the movie illegally, but he wished his wife would just stop nagging him all the bloody time.

Twenty minutes later, as the figure with the knife jumped back into their television set, Margaret’s last sight was that of the real colour of blood from the stab wound to her stomach.

“You wanted colour?” smirked Colin.

#flashfiction #fiction #shortstory #shortstories #amwriting


Written in response to the 99-word flash fiction challenge with the theme of ‘black and white’ over at the Carrot Ranch.

#flashfiction #shortstory #fiction

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54 thoughts on “Black And White #flashfiction

    1. Yes, evidently, they used chocolate sauce, Terri. It was mentioned in a documentary I watched about Hitchcock. Would never have been the same had the movie been shot in colour. Oh my goodness, I hate to think what people may have thought was coming from Janet Leigh if it was in colour. 😳

  1. Oh Hugh, I always knew you and I were on the same twisted wave length! I honestly had no idea that you wrote this flash until after I wrote mine and literally just posted it over at the Ranch. I always leave it to the last minute and never read anyone’s flashes until after I’ve done mine, so I don’t get distracted. Just reading through some now, and wanted to drop by and say ‘Hi’, as I’m trying to make somewhat of a return to blogging while working on my memoir, and of course have been wanting to come by to see you. If you read mine, in the comments over at Charli’s ‘Black & White’ prompt post, you’ll see what I mean! 😀 😀 😀

    1. I’m really pleased to hear you’re still working on your memoir, Sherri. I hope it’s coming along nicely and falling into place for you. Can’t wait for that ‘launch date’ announcement.

      I’ll head on over to Charli’s to read your entry for last week’s challenge. This was my first entry for this year. I need to participate more often but, sometimes, the inspiration for a story just does not materialise. I did write one for the ‘wet ink’ challenge a few weeks ago but decided it was far too dark to publish.

      1. Thanks so much Hugh. It’s falling into place little by little and I’m pleased I’m managing to keep on top of it, even if it takes so much time away from other things, but it’s only until I can get it ready for a professional edit. It will be worth it. Just hope I can keep it up! I hope your writing is going well too. Yes, I find that with flash fiction, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. It will be interesting to see what other flashes we might write along the same theme. I’m intrigued about your ‘too dark’ flash now, you shouldn’t have told me that! Great chatting with you Hugh…have a great weekend and see you soon! xxx

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