Flutter – #writespiration

Sacha Black challenges us to write a story, poem, prompt, or theme, using just 52 words (no more, no less). This week we have to include the following words –

Time, Juice, Stack, Pigeon

52 Weeks: 52 Words Writespiration 2017

Look away now if you’re one of the faint-hearted. I bring you, Flutter.

Their time had come.

Poor things. The odds had been stacked against them. They had no chance, but revenge was sweet.

As the group of pigeons prepared to feast, the first sunset of this new world was spectacular.

Human juice would at last flow. The eyes were the first to be pecked.

Thank you to the great Alfred Hitchcock for getting me through this tough challenge. Yes, I know they are crows and not pigeons in the clip, but pigeons didn’t feature in the movie,  The Bird.

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