Audrey Hepburn & The Chocolate Bar – What Happened Next?

My recent post, The Trouble With Chocolate, where I dissected a commercial for a bar of Galaxy chocolate (Dove in the U.S.A), which features an Audrey Hepburn look-a-like, had me wondering what on earth happened to Audrey after she got in that strange man’s car.

HERE IS THE COMMERCIAL AGAIN before I give you my version of what I think happened. Have a look at it, and then allow me to pick up the story for you.


The cool breeze passed Audrey’s face. The area around her mouth, now covered with chocolate, felt a little stiff but smelled heavenly.

She looked down as the stranger driving the car stared at her through the rear-view mirror. His eyes were a deep, dark brown, almost the same colour as the chocolate smothered across her face. She looked up again and wondered why he was driving a right-hand drive vehicle when they were in Italy? Then she remembered, but the answer disappeared as quickly as the chocolate had, once she had got the wrapper off. She still held the world record for eating a bar of Galaxy.

The stranger could not take his eyes off her, narrowly missing a group of chickens and a lady balancing a wheelbarrow on one eyebrow while standing on one leg. Even with her face and dress covered in melted chocolate, he still thought she was beautiful.

He remembered the day he had seen her buying that dress. Blowing kisses at him, she had flirted with him in front of other customers in the shop while he strolled around looking for somewhere to sit down. Then, unfortunately, he had mistakenly walked into a double D cup being worn by a mannequin at least a foot taller than him. The bra had made direct contact with his right eyeball, causing to him shout “ouch” and startle several other customers. By the time he had wiped away the tears, she had gone into the fitting room.

I’ll have to buy a new pair of gloves, she thought to herself, after using them to wipe away the chocolate off her face. Oh, how she wished somebody had invented stain remover. Then she thought she’d try to get away with giving them a quick rinse under the garden tap. “Damn!” she said to herself, having remembered she’d forgotten to bring her heartburn tablets off the old man sitting next to her on the bus.

The stranger blew her a kiss in the rear-view mirror, and she raised a hand to catch it, but a gust of wind caught one of the loose gloves in her hand, and she turned her head and watched it come to rest on the road. He did not stop the car, for he was full of excitement and wanted to get her to the other side of the hill as quickly as he could. He had big plans for the evening, so he put a little more pressure on the accelerator pedal.

No words had passed between them when the car finally came to a stop. He looked at her once more through the rear-view mirror while she picked up her handbag and fumbled inside it. She finally looked up at the building, now in front of her, her glance immediately going to the upstairs windows where she knew the excitement would begin. She felt so excited by the thought of what was about to happen; the heartburn tablets and the woman with the yellow bowl stuck on her head on the bus no longer mattered.

He finally got out of the driver’s seat and walked around, opening the door for her so she could step out. She was totally unaware that the wrapper from the chocolate bar was stuck to the back of her dress as she rose herself up from the back seat.

He put out his hand to help her out, and melted chocolate passed from her hand to his. The excitement for both was now nearing take off. It would not be long before they were inside the beautiful villa where all the waiting would finally come to an end. She looked up at him as he wiped his hand on the back of her dress.

“Why did you accelerate so quickly to get us here? I was enjoying the ride,” she romantically whispered to him.

Putting his solid and rugged arms around her and looking her straight in the eyes, the stranger finally spoke to her.

“The soft top of the car hood is stuck again, and the garage couldn’t fix it. Plus, I think there’s rain on the way because my knees have gone a little stiff. I’m off to watch the football. Stick the car in the garage will you before you have your bath. Your mother is dropping off the kids in ten minutes, and the dog needs walking.”

Audrey’s chocolate-scented bubble bath would have to wait.

-The End-

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82 thoughts on “Audrey Hepburn & The Chocolate Bar – What Happened Next?

  1. Hugh’s commercials could be a regular feature, I think. I also think you DID put her in a horror movie: first comes flirtation and seduction, then comes love, then comes marriage and THE END to romance and the beginning of men pretending not to understand what happened to the sex. (It’s always been a mystery and a horror to me that the Y chromosome team never seems to figure out that for most of the double-X team, romance is foreplay and that, after High School anyway, football never got anybody -um- snuggled?)

    But enough of unsolved mysteries. Here’s the BIG mystery that needs solving . . .

    How did that wrapper manage to get stuck to the BACK of Audrey’s dress? She was seated when she got out the chocolate – did she stand during part of the ride, perhaps hoping to cool the melting chocolate so she could peel it off her face? Did she try to hide the chocolate at a time when the driver turned around because she didn’t intend to share it?

    Inquiring minds need to KNOW! 🙂
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    1. Oh no! Now I’m going to have to reveal Audrey’s secret. You see, Madelyn, Audrey is an International spy. The handbag she has contains secret compartments and one of those compartments had an extra bar of chocolate in it. During the times the stranger (her husband) was keeping his eyes on the road, she sneaked that extra bar of chocolate out of her handbag, ate some of it, and stuffed the wrapper down (what she thought) the back of the seat. However, because of all the chocolate on her hands and gloves, the wrapper didn’t quite make it down the back of the seat and, instead, stuck to the back of her dress. 😀

      I hope I haven’t blown Audrey’s cover. She off on a mission, two weeks on Thursday, to find out if there really is a chocolate that melts in the mouth and not in the hand.

      1. Hugh, you are a hoot! I guess that explains why the chocolate in her purse remained solid too – spy tech.

        I can’t wait to find out about that chocolate mission – especially since she’s already proven that even gloves don’t protect against melting in the hand.

        I wouldn’t worry about blowing her cover. With that face and that practiced thing she does lowering her eyes demurely, nobody will believe it anyway.

  2. Love this as the “what happened next” because it’s more realistic than a romantic getaway would have been. (And funnier too as I visualize it in my head.)

  3. Very good. Kept my interest, though I can not imagine Audrey Hepburn with chocolate on her face or dress. Not even as a young girl. I imagine her always fastidious. Neat and clean. And always very ladylike. Too many movies, I think.

  4. Cute, Hugh. I took the malicious ending and pictured Audrey and the handsome driver plummeting off one of those winding roads and into the (presumably) Mediterranean. I’d never seen this commercial; so thank you for sharing. I noticed the eyebrows and the gassy man next to Audrey but didn’t see bowl woman on the bus.

    1. She’s definitely on that bus, Leigh. That yellow bowl (hat) was one of the first things I noticed before all the questions started coming in. I think the car was too good to plummet off a cliff. Mind you, James Bond ejector seats would have come in very useful in that situation.

  5. I love the ending, Hugh! Yes, I’d noticed that advert too. Somehow I find it eerie, I’m not sure why (there is some frozen/stiff quality to her face)…

  6. Omg, what an imagination. You wrote a short story without even trying, lol. And a la true Hugh style, we got our twisted ending! Brilliant my friend! 🙂 ❤

  7. Your version of a happy ending Hugh? Was on the edge of my seat anticipating a sociopathic twist. Was pleasantly surprised, not that I would’ve been disappointed with a little controversy! It’s good to keep us guessing. 🙂

  8. I too was waiting for the Hugh twist but didn’t see that ending coming. I haven’t seen the commercial but I couldn’t watch it now without hearing your story. Nicely done 😊

  9. Hi Hugh,
    You didn’t change my mind. I still think I would ride in the front seat with him. I would watch him play football (e.g. soccer in United States). I bet he is cute in those shorts. I like the idea of chocolate smeared all over her. LOL. Serves her right, she should be sitting in the front seat with him (not me).

      1. I am sure whe would not have been amused at all…. lol! Yes, having some chocolate at hands could help… you never know when a beautiful woman gets upset!!

  10. Nice one, Hugh. I had to go back and start at the beginning. It is sort of an odd commercial. I noticed that her hair doesn’t budge while riding in the back of the car, and why is she sitting in the back? Great twist at the end. That explains all the odd behavior! Ha ha.

    1. When you look deeply into that commercial, it is very odd, Diana. For months, I never took much notice of it. Then I spotted the woman with what looked like a yellow bowl on her head. Things started to roll after that and the whole thing started becoming a bit of a problem and I found myself asking questions.
      Very true about her hair. Well spotted. Reminds me of the old movies where some woman would wake up, after a good night’s sleep, looking as if they had just come back from the hairdressers and had been able to apply their makeup in the pitch dark, with their eyes closed, during the night.

      1. Ha ha. I still comment on the perfectly made-up and coiffed actresses who just survived the apocalypse. Ha ha. Or the 14 year old actresses in commercials showing off the wonderful effects of anti-wrinkle cream. 😀 Too funny.

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