The Trouble With Chocolate

Can chocolate be trouble? In my books, yes it can, and Audrey Hepburn is to blame!

I’m really bothered; severely troubled, and it’s all to do with this commercial.

So there you have it. Cute commercial, yes? But, where does the word ‘trouble’ come into it and why am I bothered by what Audrey Hepburn is up to on that bus?

Now, I know some of you are shaking your heads and looking at me as if I’ve just announced I’ve purchased a cat flap for a submarine, but please stay with me on this and let me tell you why I think that commercial has made me think chocolate is nothing but trouble.

Maybe the trouble is to do with the beautiful scene right at the beginning?

Is it the beautiful Audrey Hepburn look-a-like sat on the bus? She does have incredible eyes, doesn’t she? All sort of puppy looking and adorable.

Is it what she reveals is inside her handbag when she opens it?

Oh, wait! What about the handsome chap who pulls up in the car besides the bus? No, he’s not my type, and why is there a woman sat on the bus with a yellow bowl on her head? Did you see her? Yes?

Now, where was I? Oh yes, what was inside Audrey’s handbag. Now considering she’s sat on a hot bus (because it’s a beautiful sunny day outside and the commercial is set in a hot country) should that chocolate bar not have melted in her handbag? Does the guy sitting next to her look like he’s in need of some Gaviscon? To me, it seems like he has heartburn. Are you still shaking your head?

Is it the music and the song, Moon River, that is the problem, or what about the voice of the singer? Beautiful voice, yeah, but wouldn’t make it on X-Factor or The Voice. Besides, I prefer the original version.

Then there’s that guy in the car. He may be good-looking but, believe me, I don’t think he’s the one who is trouble. OK, I wouldn’t turn down an offer of a beer with him just to find out what hair products he uses and discuss why Barbie and Ken never got married, but, believe me, it’s not him.

Right, back to the commercial. Is that a pumpkin on the road Audrey passes when she gets off the bus? Did they have big ripe pumpkins in the middle of summer in the 1950s, and why has somebody painted what looks like two caterpillars above Audrey’s eyes? I’m sure they’re moving around her face.

Could it be the rugged bus driver that is the trouble? Is it him I want to see in place of Audrey on the bus? Well no, because who would then drive the bus? Audrey? Not with the shoes, she’s wearing. No way! I’d be off that bus quicker than my Aunt Mary being chased down Dagenham High Street by two Store Detectives, after sticking a frozen turkey up her jumper and making a run for it.

Now, back to the good-looking man in the car. Do you think he has a big head? I only ask, as when Audrey puts the bus driver’s cap on him, before getting into his car, it looks at least two sizes too small for him. On the other hand, maybe the bus driver has a small head? After all, he is bald. Maybe that is why the cap is far too small for the good-looking man driving the car?  What do you think?

How on earth did Audrey get the chocolate bar out of her handbag as the good-looking man whisked her off in his car? I never saw her open her bag and get the chocolate out. Did you? And, come on Audrey, would you really get into a strange man’s car without even asking his name?

Want to know what happened to Audrey after she was driven off in that strange man’s car? Was there really romance in the air? Click here for all the details.

Do you ever have problems with chocolate?

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar to learn more about me and my blog.

79 thoughts

  1. You raise several excellent points. 🙂 I immediately thought about that melted chocolate in her purse and wondered where I can get one of those self-cooling purses for me! 🙂

  2. Hugh, I needed a good laugh this morning! Too funny – you really broke it down or I wouldn’t have seen all the little things 🙂 you crack me up!!! I love Audrey so much that nobody can do her justice anyway but your comments are just hilarious!! Although I am a giant worry wart…if that guy asked me to his car????…ummm!

    1. Well, as I said, I’d have had a beer with him just to find out what hair products he uses. Those puppy dog eyes don’t do it for me, but Audrey is certainly under his spell and about to be whisked off for a romantic evening full of passion. Or, is it all about to go wrong? Is that chocolate bar about to melt? Find out tomorrow. 😀

  3. Hahahaha! I had to watch the commercial 3 times to see all the subtleties you have pointed out, Hugh. My theory is that Audrey was suffering from a serious case of PMS which prompted her craving for chocolate and hopping into a car with a hot stranger. As for the eyebrows and the woman with a yellow bowl on her head…..there is no explanation for that! Would love to see a remake with the chocolate properly melted which of course it would have been on this hot day.

    1. Those bits were hard to spot in the commercial, Molly. I just had to point them out to you all. I’ve got big plans for Audrey, the stranger, and that bar of chocolate in my ‘What happened next’ post, tomorrow. There’s definitely romance in the air for Audrey, but will she finish all that chocolate bar before they reach their destination?

  4. Lol Hugh, you’ve analyzed the fantasy right out of that scene. And I do wonder how that piece of chocolate just snapped so crisply off that bar in the warm air. LOL Happy Easter my friend. Indulge away! ❤

  5. Can’t wait for Monday, but the chocolate will certainly have melted by then – If I was her ( in my dreams ) I would have chocolate on the lovely dress and round my mouth and none left to offer the bloke.

  6. Chortle, chortle, Hugh. Pretty good Audrey look alike – but didn’t her mother ever tell her not to get into a car with a strange man, and that chocolate would be running everywhere. Loved your analysis!

  7. You are right. The guy next to her on the bus looks like he has heartburn and the Moon River singer is too breathy and weak. Give me the original song any day. The Audrey look a like is cute but why would a woman, any woman get off a public city bus and get into a total strangers car? That had me baffled and mystified. I guess the commercial was trying to re-create a 1950s feel by capitalizing on a beloved movie star. I’d rather just binge watch original Audrey Hepburn movies.

    1. I think you’re right. It was the sign of the times at the time. I’ve heard some songs from the 1950s and ’60s where there would be an outcry over some of the lyrics in today’s world. Still, there must be a very good reason why Audrey got in that stranger’s car, isn’t there? I’ll reveal the whole story on Monday.
      In the meantime, Happy Easter. 😁

  8. I have seen that ad a few times, Hugh but never noticed the woman with the yellow bowl on her head until i saw your clip!
    I dread to think what you have got lined up for the gorgeous Audrey…don’t you be too mean, I know what you are like!
    Looks like you are enjoying that egg, Happy Easter to you, John and Toby xx

    1. There you go, Judy. See how I bring very important information to my readers. 😁 I just hope that yellow bowl hadn’t been put on that woman’s head by her hairdresser, who then forgot to take it off again. I mean, it could be worth thousands on The Antiques Roadshow. Just imagine how many Easter Eggs that could buy her. Forget the bar of Chocolate Audrey, we want Easter Eggs.
      Happy Easter to you and the family, Judy. 🐣

  9. The chocolate wouldn’t have melted with me…never would have had time. 🙂 And yes, a bit disturbing that she would just hop into a strange man’s car like that. Is that part of the “when in Rome…”?

    1. You know, I’ve no idea what took Audrey so long in eating that bar of chocolate. Maybe it was the thought of getting her while gloves covered in it? Then again, maybe it was the constant questions she was having about that woman with the yellow bowl on her head, and why the bus driver’s cap was too big for his head?
      You’ll find out what really happned to her and that stranger on Monday.

  10. Hi Hugh,
    You would only have a beer with the guy driving that beautiful vintage car? I for one would not sit in the back seat (he shakes his head). Ohhhh….those puppy dog eyes and the dark wavy hair (he shakes head again). Who cares about the chocolate. I want to wear the hat and sit in the front seat listening to “Moon River”. Maybe that should be your next song of the week (he shakes his head no).
    Great post…great humor. Hugs.

    1. Well, you may not be wanting to sit in that front seat when you read my version of what happens to Audrey, on Monday, Chuck. He wasn’t looking at her for just her chocolate bar, believe me. 😀 My humour can often lead people up the wrong path. What he has in mind for her is going to change your view of those puppy dog eyes and wavy hair. 😱 Better eat as much chocolate as you can this Easter weekend because come Monday, it will never be quite the same. 😀
      Happy Easter 🐣

    1. Every time I see that advert, I keep finding other things in it that I’m having trouble with, Brigid. I’ll have to start closing my eyes when it comes on.
      My fingers are crossed about the chocolate, but I won’t be taking mine on a bus on a hot day.
      Happy Easter 🐰

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