Should I Switch To The New Jetpack App Or Stay With The WordPress App?

I’ve been contacted by several bloggers asking the question in the title of this post.

In March 2023, the WordPress app that many of us are familiar with will lose many key features. For example, you’ll no longer be able to access the WordPress Reader or view your blog’s stats.

But fear not because all the features the WordPress app bring have been transferred to the new Jetpack app.

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Which app should I use?

Which app should I use?

If you want access to all the WordPress features you’re used to, switch to the new Jetpack app.

If you only want to focus on the basics of writing and publishing and have no interest in your blog stats, notifications of comments, menus and the WordPress Reader (to name a few), stick with the WordPress app.

Can I use both apps?

It’s not recommended that you use both apps. Managing your blog across both apps is unsupported and may lead to issues such as data conflicts. So I’d recommend sticking to one.

What features does the Jetpack app have?

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Media Library
  • Comments
  • Site Settings
  • Stats
  • WordPress Reader
  • Notifications
  • Activity Log
  • Jetpack Social
  • Jetpack Backup
  • Jetpack Scan
  • Menus
  • People
  • Themes

With the Jetpack app, you’ll benefit from powerful tools to manage and build your blog.

Is the Jetpack app free?

Yes. There are no additional costs for using the Jetpack app.

What features does the WordPress app have?

From March 2023, only the features listed below will be available on the WordPress app.

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Media library
  • Comments
  • Site Settings

How do I make the switch to the Jetpack app?

  • First, ensure you have the latest version of the WordPress app installed and are logged in to it.
  • If you’ve had (or get) an email from WordPress asking you to choose which app to use, click the link in the email to download the Jetpack app. If you’ve not had the email, click here to download the Jetpack app.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, open it, and you’ll be automatically logged in with all your data and settings in place. All your posts, pages, media library and anything else you have on your blog will also be transferred.
  • Remember to delete the WordPress app.

Any questions about switching to the Jetpack app? Leave them in the comments section.

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90 thoughts on “Should I Switch To The New Jetpack App Or Stay With The WordPress App?

  1. Thanks for this information, Hugh. I had an issue with my laptop yesterday (which I use for my blogging) and realised I didn’t have a plan B. After reading this I have just loaded Jetpack onto my iPad and will look at how I can use it for blogging. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for the information on the Jetpack app. I guess it’s time to download it and figure it out. I’ve never used the WordPress app as I use my laptop for blogging and have a backup laptop, as well. Also, I’ve tried the FSE themes and was successful in creating but I was not happy with the results so I went back to my old theme. I guess I should give the FSE themes another chance. Sigh.

    1. No need to download the app if you don’t use WordPress via an app on a phone or tablet and have a backup computer.
      I’ve not had a chance to do much with the FSE thems, but it’s on my list.

  3. 🙂 Hugh, I made the switch to the Jetpack mobile app on my Android smartphone back in August 2022 and I am also a beta tester for future versions of the Jetpack mobile app.

    Back in August 2022, I even informed my viewing audience about the upcoming changes.

    Automattic also informed WordPress users via one of its official blog posts about its plans to remove all Jetpack functionality from the WordPress mobile app.

    Despite the regular usage of the Jetpack mobile app on my smartphone, my preference will always be blogging via my laptop computer (There is nothing quite as satisfying as using the web version of WordPress).

  4. I’m glad you blogged about this. Thanks, Hugh. I’m not a fan of change and wasn’t really sure what the Jetpack was all about. I was worried it was going to require learning something new (as it was, I was ready to toss my tablet out the window in frustration trying to set up my original WP account lol! Technology isn’t always my friend :D) I always only compose on my tablet, by accessing WP in my browser bookmarks, and reading/checking notifications/stats on the WP app. I’m more comfortable with the notion of switching to the Jetpack app, and will do that soon.

    1. I’m glad my post has reassured you. Likewise, I’ll only be using the app to occasionally respond to comments and maybe check stats. But it’s good to know that the app is a backup in case we can not access our blog via our usual method.

  5. I think I already have the Jetpack features, but I should check. Since I only write, edit, proofread, and add photos for blog posts on my computer, maybe this switch in apps isn’t even appropriate for me. Apps are for tablets and phones is my understanding, so I might be able to go home free on this one. 🙂

  6. I generally read and comment on other blogs using the WordPress app on my iPhone – will that be the same or will I need to get Jetpack? Thanks for the info Hugh!

  7. When I got the email, I switched to JetPack. Even if I don’t use all the features I don’t lose anything and the handling is not very different. However, I am not publishing posts over my phone anyway. So, what?

  8. I made the switch and it went perfectly. However, a few days later, it had lost my sites, and has been unable to access them since. The error message is on their help page, but links to a checking program whose page states ‘coming soon’. For me, it’s been a complete disaster. The app and its support simply isn’t ready.

    1. Sorry to hear of your problems. I’m sure the WordPress Engineers will be able to assist you in recovering the information. Thank goodness that, in the meantime, you can continue to access WordPress via a laptop or desktop (if you use one) or via a web browser on your phone or table.

  9. Thank you for this great explanation, Hugh. I was wondering what Jetpack was all about. Thank goodness for you… WordPress certainly didn’t make the change clear at all. Do you have any idea why they’ve made this change and not just upgrade their WP app? Since I do most blog-related work on my PC, I don’t know how often I’ll use JP, but it’s good to have it loaded just in case.

    1. I don’t know the full facts, Janis, but I guess somebody came up with a better and more reliable app that takes into account the Block editor, too. Some bloggers mentioned that the WordPress app had a habit of crashing and that the Jetpack app is more reliable.

      And it’s good to have the Jetpack app on your phone or tablet. It acts as a backup in case your computer breaks.

  10. I’ve switched to Jetpack with no difficulty. Like with the old WordPress app, I will use it to read, like and comment. For all other blog activities, I use my desktop PC.

  11. Thanks for this. I do most of the heavy lifting on my desktop, but I also use the phone app when I’m out and about. I’m somewhat suspicious of suggested new apps for my phone and didn’t know what this was about. But I just switched to Jetpack and removed WordPress and all is well!

  12. It did not go well for me. It completely failed to recognize my blog, even after I specified it, nor my user id and insisted I create a new id. I deleted it and will wait for a slightly newer release.

  13. I’m so glad you posted about this, Hugh. I had thought to add a comment about this subject last week, so i was glad that others were also asking. Like you, I choose to use my PC to create posts, edit images and add links, things I don’t do with the current app. I haven’t downloaded it yet but will today. My hope is that I can read and comment posts I get from my email account via Outlook more seamlessly. I’ve had issues for 2 years reading post from my phone that come from my email account. I’m writing this on my phone now. And you may see that I have to add my name, email and website manually into the fields. Thanks again for the great advice!

    1. Having hardly used the WordPress app, I wasn’t aware of how much some bloggers use the app, Terri. And when that question kept coming in, I knew a post was in the making.

      I downloaded the Jetpack app a few weeks ago and like what I see. I may use it more to respond to comments, but I’ll continue to draft and publish posts on my desktop. I feel much safer doing it that way.

      Links on WordPress emails take you straight to the app. However, if you hold down the link a little longer, you’ll get options of where to open the link (thanks to Dan, in a previous comment, for that information).

    1. Good to hear you’re finding it easier to use, Colleen. I’ve never used the app much, but may use the Jetpack app a little more, especially since some blogs seem to have lost their ’email me when my comment is answered’ box.

        1. I’ve come across two blogs that do not have it so far. They used to have it, not changed themes, but now that box has gone, Colleen. Could be a theme bug. I’ve told both bloggers about it.

        2. Same here, Colleen. There are still a handful of bloggers I know since my first few years of blogging who have been left behind and are still using the old Classic theme. Their choice, of course, but their blogs look so dated now.

  14. Since I never post via the WP app (it doesn’t make it easy to format as I like to do), it’s clearly a no-brainer for me to make the switch. Thanks so much for explaining the differences 😀

  15. Hi Hugh thank you so much I am very grateful and have taken your advice. It seems to have been quick and easy and not hard to navigate..I am sure it will soon be second nature💜

  16. Thanks Hugh. One (fairly recent) thing I don’t like with the WordPress app is that it changed the settings on my phone/iPad so that links I receive in email open in the app by default as opposed to the browser. I’m sure I can change that, but for now, if I long-press the link, I get an option to open it in Safari. I hope the Jetpack app can be configured not to do that. I will be upgrading soon. As always, I appreciate your research and explanation.

    1. Hi Dan, I don’t use the app very much. I never have done. I prefer to use my desktop for all things WordPress. However, I do know that when you click links in WordPress emails on an iPhone, they open in the Jetpack app. If you long-press the link, you get options of where you want the link to open, so it looks like Jetpack does the same as the WordPress app. I’m not sure if it can be configured to open straight into Safari, so if you find out, can you let us know?

    1. Just for phones and tablets, Cathy. However, if you have an Apple computer (like I do), you can download the app and remove the WordPress app. If you click on the app, it’ll take you to WordPress. However, you don’t need to download the app to a laptop or desktop if you don’t want to.

  17. Hi Hugh, I often read from my WP app, but I have never composed a post using my Iphone. I wonder what percentage of bloggers actually use it for that purpose? However, just the absence of Reader compels me to make the switch. Thanks for the reminder. P.S. I enjoyed experimenting with AI (prompted by your tutorial) and actually generated a post with it. I hope WP keeps it around, with improvements, of course.

    1. Same here, Suzanne. I’ve never dratfed a post on my iPhone or iPad. I need a big screen and a keypad where my fingers are not too big for the keys. Responding to comments on an iPhone is terrible enough.

      Good to hear you’ve tried out the AI blocks. I think WordPress will keep them, but I’ve heard they will charge for using them. If they charge for using them, I hope it’ll be as part of their paid plans. Those on free plans may have to upgrade to use them. But it’s still early days yet.

    1. I have to disagree. There’s a big difference between the two apps. The Jetpack app has all of the features (plus more) that the WordPress app used to have. From March 2023, the WordPress app will lose many of its features. I’ve detailed them in this post.

  18. Looks like Jetpack app can do everything WordPress app can do, so it’s no brainer to go with Jetpack app. Personally, I still prefer posting from my computer, though. 😅

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