Time For A Treat? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of jars of colourful sweets
What’s your go-to treat?

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Linking to the Sunday Stills photography challenge hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt. Theme: Sweet

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47 thoughts on “Time For A Treat? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Very colorful Hugh – I’ve not seen them in years. I’m glad you didn’t ask us to guess how many as I’ve never been good at that. I have given up sweets for Lent, though the only sweet I usually eat is dark chocolate for heart health and believe me, it is bitter and not too exciting. I also gave up online Solitaire which is a bigger loss than that ol’ dark chocolate to be honest. Here is my Wordless Wednesday post from the same date:

    1. I don’t love dark chocolate, Linda, although I don’t seem to mind it if it has a mint filling. The same goes for coffee – I don’t like drinking it, but I like coffee and walnut cake.
      Good luck with giving things up for lent.
      That woodpecker in your photos is well camouflaged.

      1. Recently reports surfaced about the mineral cadmium being detected in dark chocolate. It was not found in my brand, so I was happy about that, but with this “chocolate for heart health regimen” you are supposed to eat three large squares a day – that’s a lot of chocolate to be honest. I guess you don’t have to eat it at one time. Mint helps dark chocolate – that’s for sure. So far, so good, but it’s been a trying few weeks with the weather, internet outage and work issues but so far, so good. That woodpecker is quite small, compared to its counterparts, especially since it is a female and does not have the red patch on the back of its neck.

    1. No, not chewing gum. Inside is a piece of liquorice covered with a sweet, crunchy coating.
      Super spicy lollies sound interesting. I’ve only ever tasted the sweet version. Although I like my popcorn sweet, not salty.

      1. One of those lollies will make you keep drinking water the whole day 😀. I’ve only had it once – never again! Popcorn – oh that I like in the salty version 😀

  2. That is my nemesis in that jar! Hugh, how could you? 😉 Now I’ll be thinking about it all day and doing by best to resist. (Although what is it they say? Resistance is futile.) LOL

  3. What a great shot of sweet treats, Hugh! I wonder how many candies are in that jar? I’m partial to chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

    Just an FYI, since I’ve added the Jetpack app, I’m not getting notifications for links to my posts. It literally began Monday when I changed to the JetPack app. I found two Sunday Stills links purely by reading the Reader on my phone. I worked with a happiness engineer and they see no problems with comments or notifications. Sigh. Otherwise, I can read posts on my mobile, after clicking through my outlook email, so that is an improvement.

    1. Thanks, Terri. I’d hate to count all those sweets in that jar, and I hate to think how many would not make it back into the jar.

      Were you aware of a problem with pingbacks on WordPress since last Thursday? I reported it to WordPress on Friday, and they told me the same as they told you. But then I found out that many other bloggers were having the same problems with pingback notifications not working. WordPress finally acknowledged the issue over the last weekend. The problem was briefly fixed on Sunday but broke again later that day.

      Today, WordPress told me –

      ‘Thank you for following up! The issue has not been fixed yet and is still being actively investigated. In the meantime, we are here if you have any questions.’

      1. Ok, so it’s not just me. I did get one pingback notification from Bren at Brashley Photography last night from her site, but none so far from mine. Weird. This problem started Monday when I installed Jetpack on my phone. In any case, because I follow most people who contribute to Sunday Stills, I see the post eventually then add your links into my roundup. To add to the fun, we got several inches of snow that has piled up against our back doors. A snow day here for me.

        1. No, it’s affecting the whole platform, Terri. You may get one or two through, but the majority don’t come through. I’m thinking of adding a paragraph at the end of my posts about the problem and asking people to cut and paste a link to their posts if they include any pingbacks to my blog.
          Enjoy all that snow. I hope some snowmen get built before it’s too late and the spring arrives.

        2. I will have to add a note this week to have bloggers add the link to a comment, too. I would LOVE to enjoy the snow, but it’s 14F (-10C) right now. And windy–we’ve never experienced a snow squall before. Always something new to deal with! Have a great week, Hugh, I know you always keep us bloggers in the loop!

  4. Wonderful photo, Hugh. But if those are Good & Plenty (over here) or black licorice, they make my heart race. I sneak them once in a great while (cuz I love them) but don’t tell my wife.

    1. They’re called liquorice torpedos over here in the UK, Dan. I remember them from when I was growing up, although I don’t see them much anymore. However we have plenty of retro sweet websites online, but I know I’d spend too much cash on them.

      I say the occasional treat is good for you, but promise I won’t mention anything to your wife. Good job, they’re small enough to hide in a pocket.

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