Is Reblogging Dead? Why I Have Removed The Reblog Button From My Blog

How often do you click on the reblog sharing button?

Are you somebody who reblogs every day or, like me, no longer uses the reblog button?

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Are you still reblogging?

When I first started blogging in 2014, I was amazed by how many bloggers used the reblog button. Fast forward to today, and I see little use for it.

It’s one of the reasons why I removed the reblog button from my blog. Not only have I seen a sharp decline in the reblogging of my posts, but I’ve seen the same in the reblogging of the posts of other bloggers.

Looking Back

I remember the first time one of my blog posts got reblogged. It was one of the highlights of my blogging journey. Funnily, it marked the beginning of my believing I’d become a successful blogger.

For years, my blog posts got reblogged almost weekly. It helped put me and my blog in front of new readers and did wonders for the number of followers my blog gained.

When Followers Are Not Followers

Of course, not all followers are followers.

I soon learned that people followed my blog but never returned to it.

I knew that some unfollowed my blog as soon as I followed them back.

I couldn’t figure out why anyone would unfollow my blog as soon as I followed them, but a couple of years into my blogging journey, I discovered that some bloggers are more interested in numbers than content. They don’t hang around in the blogging world for long.

What’s The Most Significant Risk In Reblogging?

When I first heard of bloggers receiving fines for reblogging material that included copyrighted material, my love of reblogging began to dwindle. Seriously? Are bloggers fined for reblogging? Yes, it’s true, and that may be one of many reasons why many bloggers no longer use the reblog button.

When author and blogger Deborah Jay wrote a guest post for me, she shared her story of how a simple reblog ended up with her being threatened with legal action and a fine. Click here to read the post.

But it’s not only Deborah who has faced legal action and a fine for reblogging another blogger’s blog post. Several bloggers have been fined for reblogging blog posts that included copyrighted photos or images.

Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It can happen to anyone who shares copyrighted material on their blog.

Removed The Reblog Button From Your Blog? Your Posts Can Still Be Reblogged!

Did you know that just because I have removed the reblog button from my blog posts doesn’t mean nobody can no longer reblog them?

One of the few flaws of WordPress that annoys me is that readers can still reblog any of my posts from the WordPress Reader. That doesn’t make sense to me when I’ve removed the reblog button from my blog.

Fortunately, it hasn’t happened to any of my blog posts since I removed the reblog button.

However, I am still delighted when somebody shares my blog posts via a ‘pingback‘ the ‘Press This‘ marketing (not sharing) button or on social media.

Feel free to share this post via one of those methods.

How Do I Remove The Reblog Button From My Blog?

If you decide you would rather not offer the option to reblog your posts, you can disable the button by navigating to My Sites → Tools → Marketing. Then click on the Sharing Buttons tab. Disable ‘Show reblog button’ under Reblog & Like, and the Reblog button will no longer appear on your blog posts.

Image showing how to disable the reblog button on WordPress
How to disable the reblog button on WordPress

Did You Know This?

Blogs that are full of reblogged posts are known as ‘Reblogging Farms.’ Is your blog a reblogging farm?

Do you still use the reblog button? If so, what do you reblog?

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100 thoughts on “Is Reblogging Dead? Why I Have Removed The Reblog Button From My Blog

  1. What an amazing post❤️

    Talking about rebloging, I don’t see it as a bad thing.
    But personally, I don’t like rebloging but I love my post to be rebloged.

    I believe when someone loves your post that he wants others to see it, he have to reblog.

    1. Thank you.

      There are other safer ways to share the blog posts of other bloggers than to reblog them, so reblogging is not the only option. Pingbacks or ‘Press This’ are much safer methods if you want to avoid copyright issues. I’d recommend them.

        1. You’re welcome. If you check my Blogging Tips posts, you’ll find lots more information about ‘Press This’ and pingbacks.

          Don’t hesitate to ask any further questions. I’m always happy to help.

  2. Hi Hugh, it’s hard to believe bloggers would get fined for this. I mean I believe you it’s just strange.

    Please don’t think I’m dense Hugh. I have probably asked you this before. I don’t have a blog (I want to someday.) What is the difference between a reblog and a pingback? If I had a blog and told my readers about this very post with a link to this post is that a pingback? Is this a good thing? Does blog etiquette say that I should contact you first to ask permission? Or at least let you know that I’ve done this? Is reblogging when I copy what someone wrote and put it in my blog? I would think bloggers would like if I had a link to one of their good blog posts but what do I know? Thanks for your patience Hugh. And thanks for answering my silly questions. I haven’t read all of the comments. Be well.

    1. Did you read Deborah’s post, Lea? Most bloggers believe they won’t get fined if they download or share copyrighted material, but Deborah’s story proves them wrong. I also know of a few other bloggers who have been fined for sharing or downloading copyrighted material on their blogs.

      With regards to your question about pingbacks and reblogging. A pingback is a link inserted into a blog post that takes a reader to another website when clicked. It’s perfectly safe to do. A reblog is when a blogger shares a blog post of another blogger on their blog. When reblogging, any images and photos in the post being reblogged are downloaded to your blog. Hence, any copyrighted material is downloaded. That’s why reblogging is not always a safe option.

      ‘Does blog etiquette say that I should contact you first to ask permission?’ – not when it’s a pingback, but if you are reblogging the post of a blogger for the first time, I’d recommend you ask their permission first. While most bloggers would be delighted that you reblogged their post, there are some bloggers who don’t like it.

      I hope that all helps. But feel free to ask more questions. I’m always happy to help.

      1. Thank you for the explanation Hugh, I appreciate it. It does help me to understand better. I would just stick with a pingback. It’s much easier and safer apparently. Now I’m going to go find Deborah’s post, haven’t read it yet. You always have the most interesting and educational blogging information Hugh. Thanks for that.

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