How To Participate In Throwback Thursday And Help Your Old Blog Posts Get Noticed

What is Throwback Thursday?

How do you participate in Throwback Thursday?

Throwback Thursday is the day to bring your old blog posts back to life.

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Are you making the most of your old blog posts?

We all have old blog posts in our archives, many of which are buried bits of treasure that can reward us again. Throwback Thursday is the perfect day to rekindle those old blog posts.

Only use blog posts that are still relevant, although always ensure you first make any necessary changes to the posts you want to highlight.

How to participate in Throwback Thursday

Select a favourite blog post that is at least a few months old.

Share it via a pingback or link in a new Throwback Thursday blog post.

After all, not only will some of your readers not have seen the post the first time it was published, but new followers may also not have seen it.

However, as I mentioned, rather than publish the whole post again, the idea behind Throwback Thursday is to include a link to the post you want to highlight in your Throwback Thursday post.

What you should do with your Throwback Thursday blog posts.

Only publish the post on a Thursday. That may seem like common sense, but I’ve seen bloggers publish them on other days of the week. Some readers may find it odd to publish Throwback Thursday posts on any other day than a Thursday. After all, the clue is in the title.

However, don’t worry if you miss publishing your Throwback Thursday blog post. You can always delay publication until the following Thursday. There are lots of Thursdays to choose from.

Flashback Friday.

If you’re a day late in publishing your Throwback Thursday post, you can always change it to a Flashback Friday post. Flashback Friday has the same concept as Throwback Thursday, where you are encouraged to highlight older blog posts.

Share your Throwback Thursday posts on social media using the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday so that other participants can find your post.

Tag your post ‘ThrowBack Thursday’ on your blog so other participants can find it.

You can also include the words ‘Throwback Thursday’ or the hashtag in the title of your blog post, but always ensure you add the title of the blog post you’re highlighting. You don’t want to end up with many blog posts simply titled ‘Throwback Thursday.’

When creating the pingback to the post you want to highlight, ensure you turn on the ‘open in new tab‘ button so that readers don’t lose the page of your blog they’re on.

Not sure how to create a pingback? Click here for full details.

Is there anything else I should consider when publishing Throwback Thursday blog posts?

Yes, I recommend closing comments on the post and asking readers to leave any new comments on the original blog post you’re highlighting. That way, they can see and read comments already left on the post you’re promoting. They can join any ongoing discussion. It makes more sense to have comments on the same post rather than scattered across several blog posts.

When selecting which posts to promote, choose the ones you believe your readers will benefit from and think they’ll enjoy reading again.

And that is Throwback Thursday.

Do you participate in Throwback Thursday? Do you have any questions about Throwback Thursday? Please leave them in the comments section.

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54 thoughts on “How To Participate In Throwback Thursday And Help Your Old Blog Posts Get Noticed

    1. I never know why some bloggers do not turn off comments on reblogs, Eugenia. Ending up with comments spilt over several posts doesn’t work. Far better to have them all on the same post.

  1. This is of great interest to me. I started blogging MANY years ago. In going back to those beginning posts, I’m sometimes cringing. I actually have a post coming out next week that I DID rewrite…it’s a basic introduction post and I thought since I’m sort of just ‘coming back’ to blogging I would “REINTRODUCE” myself. I’ve also considered deleting some of the old posts that just weren’t good or just don’t fit into the niche I’m trying to unfold. Would you say there is cause for someone that did start blogging years ago to delete some, rewrite some AND have some for Throwback Thursday?

    1. Only keep or republish the ones that don’t make you cringe or that can be updated because the information in them is still relevant for anyone reading them after they get republished. As for the rest, I’d recommend deleting them.

  2. I do this once a month but use a somewhat different approach. I take one of my old posts (from a few years back), freshen it up with a new graphic, add some sub headings and check the links are working. At the end I include a paragraph to explain it’s an updated version. Then I change the publish date. I do use the ThrowbackThursday tag in my twitter promotion and in the body of the post but not in the subject line

    1. That’s a great way of making use of Throwback Thursday. It’s good to hear that you update the post before rescheduling it, as I’ve come across some bloggers who don’t edit the post, so they contain outdated information.

      1. I thought it was important to be transparent. There is one blogging “expert” who constantly sends out old content (just changing the subject line) but never declares it as such – it’s deeply irritating because I open it thinking its new material. Such a waste of time

        1. I’ve nothing against anyone recycling blog posts, but if they’re not updated, that’s a different matter. Recycling blog posts can help when we run out of new content. Plus, of course, not everyone will have read the original post. However, if somebody was recycling blog posts from within the last 12 months, that’s a different matter (unless the posts have needed many updates).

  3. Thanks for the reminder Hugh, I have just now shared a post from this time last year and linked to your post as you gave me the push! Always appreciate your suggestions, reminders and clear useful information 🙂

    1. I’m happy to remind you of these wonderful ways of bringing older blog posts to the front again and giving them a little boost, Debbie. The archives of our blogs are full of golden nuggets that need to shine again.
      Happy Throwback Thursday.

  4. I’m surely going to try it once I have got a huge collection in my blogging page. The idea is so cool, it’s just visiting your gallery and suddenly coming accross old pics of lil yourself, and that’s how I am sure I feel when I see something old I wrote.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  5. I’ve contemplated doing a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, but it hasn’t happened yet. I have so many blog posts, especially the ones from my sailing years, that none of my current readers saw. It would take ages to pick one for this theme. Maybe even as long as it would take me to write a new post. Since my time is very precious right now, I would do a TT or a WW (Wordless Wednesday) post to save myself time and still keep blogging once a week.

    1. I’d start at the beginning and work your way back through all those posts, Liesbet. And once you have a ‘Throwback Thursday post published, you can simply copy it and then insert a new link to the next post you want to highlight. It saves a lot of time than creating a whole new post again.

      I don’t participate every week, but these posts make perfect fillers when time is limited.

        1. Thank you.

          I found your comment in my WordPress spam folder. Not sure why it ended up in there. It could be because of the emojis, but you may want to check that other comments you’re leaving on other blogs are going straight to spam. If they are, you’ll need to contact WordPress about it.

        2. It may have only happened with your previous comment, but I wanted to let you know as often other bloggers don’t let people know when their comment has been marked as spam by WordPress.

  6. It’s a great idea to do this Hugh. I had some good success with a post from about 5 years ago (though I admit it wasn’t a Throwback Thursday title).

    I avoided doing too many throwback posts, as originally they didn’t seem to get good engagement, but as my blog readership has grown I’m getting a bit more interest when I share the older posts!

    1. Yes, you can link to any blog post regardless of where it is. However, from my experience, ‘Blogger’ isn’t a very good platform for ease of leaving comments, so you may want to think about copying the whole post and bringing it over to WordPress. WordPress is certainly a lot ‘comment’ friendlier.

  7. Not a bad idea, Hugh, great info, especially for re-allowing comments on the original post. I’ve enjoyed posting for Wordless Wednesdays so far. Throwback Thursday would make a nice alternative.

    1. It makes much more sense to close comments off and leave them on the original post, Terri. Otherwise, they get scattered between posts which can spoil the conversation going on about the same post.

      I’ve had great success with my Throwback Thursday (and Flashback Friday) posts, although I don’t participate every week. They make a good filler, though. And, after all, how many of our followers have not read all those posts we have buried in our blog archives?

    1. It is, Wayne. Create a new post on your blog and ensure Throwback Thursday is somewhere in the title. Add the pingback to the post you want to highlight in the main body of the post, and publish it (but only on a Thursday – or a Friday if participating in Flashback Friday). Those old blog posts will get more attention and even some new comments.

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