How To Save The Earth #flashfiction

April 22, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about earthing. Put a character’s hands, feet or body and soul into the earth. Who needs recharging? What happens between the interaction? Go where the prompt leads!

How To Save The Earth – by Hugh W. Roberts

It’s an attack I’ll never forget.

Why us? Why did they have to come here and try and destroy the safe community we live in? We weren’t hurting anyone. All we wanted was to help them. Don’t they know what they’re doing when attacking the innocent? It’s first-degree murder.

“Earthing,” announced Father Brier. “Earthing is the answer. The next time they come back, we must send them back from where they once came.”

Now the soil is full of human remains. Instead of attacking us, they feed us and help us plant life survive. Earthing is saving the Earth.


Image of a cupped hand shaped in a heart that is full of soil.
Image credit: Charli Mills

Written for the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch. Click here to join in.

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30 thoughts on “How To Save The Earth #flashfiction

  1. Hugh, you are super twisted and I love it! Earth Day – time for a murder mystery, an all out war, maybe? Okay, what about all the boxes and steel containers so many have been buried in in recent years? And all that embalming fluid. What is that doing to the environment? YIKES!

    1. Thank you. Just as well that most people seem to now get cremated rather than buried, Marsha. However, in this piece of flash, the plants killed the humans while under attack. So no metal boxes or embalming fluids – just good nourishment for the plants.

  2. It’s only a matter of time until Mother Earth’s revenge, Hugh. It is already happening with all the wildfires and other natural disasters. You can’t blame her, though, the way she is being treated. Everyone needs to have respect for the earth. Or else…

      1. Great twist. But sadly it is the reality. We are destroying the earth and the current situation seems like nature is getting back at us

  3. Great twist to celebrate Earth Day, Hugh! I knew your creepy side would give us an earthy tale! Sadly, it is all too true. We drive by a huge area where all the gorgeous pines were cut down to make way for another subdivision. Yes, there is room to grow out here but I think the trees cry out in their way. We have wild volunteer sunflowers popping up all over on our property. These plants are strong enough to push through a pound of hard-packed soil. I’ll share some pics next week. It just shows us the strength and endurance of plants that will be on Earth long after we have gone. Great story, Hugh!

    1. I’m sure you’re right about the plants, Terri. I’m always amazed by some of the places they seem to grow, often with little water from the sky. It’s a huge mistake for us humans to cut down all the forests and woodlands. However, I’ve seen some developers replacing some of the plant life, which is better than not replacing them at all.
      When I go back to my father’s house where I grew up, I’m shocked by all the devolvement and loss of green-land, plants, trees and farmland. I’m glad I had the chance to play in those areas, which are now covered with buildings and roads.

      I’m glad you liked my take on the prompt. One day, I’m sure the plants will have victory over us.

    1. Thanks, Robbie. I’m glad you think so. I always remember what you said about the stories in my two books. I use your quote for advertising them on social media quite a lot.

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