Pilgrims #flashfiction

April 15, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that seeds generosity. Who is generous and why? Think of generosity as planting a future outcome. Go where the prompt leads!

Pilgrims – by Hugh W. Roberts

Making footprints in the dusty soil of the piece of land the Mayflower had brought her to, Margery’s ears picked up the sounds of the waves crashing against her ship.

She signalled to her crew to begin unloading the cargo and help bring this land alive.

As the pilgrims left the ship two by two, they each, in turn, thanked Margery for the kindness she’d shown them by setting them free again.

As the Mayflower took off into the sky, the pilgrims named the new world New Plymouth and set about thanking their god, Generosity, for bringing them here.


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Image credit: Charli Mills

Written for the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch. Click here to join in.

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35 thoughts on “Pilgrims #flashfiction

  1. Terri’s slowness has nothing on me. I didn’t connect the story with the picture until she said how slow she was. I hadn’t even looked at the picture, but scrolled on by! Now I’m being too honest. That’s why I have to read things two or more times! Only you would connect a picture of a May flower with a ship! Now that’s creative thinking! 🙂 Good going, Hugh. I’m posting a link to this story in my last BrightSquare to drum up some more creative Story Chat authors. https://tchistorygal.net/2021/04/30/bright-square-30/

    1. I’ll be honest and say that the 99-word flash fiction challenge is more about the words than the picture, Marsha. However, they do have a connection, but I tend to focus more on the word prompt set by Charli rather than the picture she includes in her challenge.
      It’s amazing what often comes to mind when I read her prompt words and then look at the picture.
      My fingers are crossed that you will gate more takers for the Story Chat feature. It’s been a fun experience.

      1. I do too. I’ve asked several people and some are interested, but after having months in advance, it’s weird to have only one ready to go. We will see. Any suggestions?

        1. I’d love to. Let me work on it today and tomorrow. I’ll try to get it by Monday. Thank you so much! 🙂

      1. I was ‘brave’ and submitted my first one to Charli. Yahoo! I like how you posted yours separately on your blog. Will have to figure out how to do that next time. Best to you, Hugh. Great story!

        1. It’s easy to do, Jennie. I publish the post on my blog and include a pingback in the post to Charli’s post. The pingback appears in the comments section of her post.

        2. See, I should have put it on my blog first instead of directly on Charli’s blog. I’ll know the next time. Thanks so much, Hugh.

  2. I love this, Hugh! I had to connect the image with the subjects and now I get it, (slow today, LOL). So once I got it, this reminds me of an old spiritual hymn called “I’ll Fly Away,” which was part of the message at church yesterday. Being able to leave and fly to a new life is your theme and goes with the theme of the hymn of flying freely into eternity. Very cool!

    1. Thanks, Terri. I don’t know that hymn, but I like the meaning you have told us. The image and the word prompts can sometimes seem miles apart, but it’s great fun finding the connection. I often compare it to solving a puzzle.

    1. You’d think so, wouldn’t you, Liesbet? But knowing the writers’ group at the Carrot Ranch, I’m sure there will be some dark stories as well. I’m always amazed by what everyone comes up with.

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