Flash Fiction Friday – H2O

“They’re just rocks. Most of the planets we’ve visited have them.”

“I know, but I’m sure one has moved since we arrived here.”

“But rocks can’t move on their own. Something or someone must have moved it. The ship’s instruments did pick up a small tremor last night.”

Miles bent down while pointing towards the ground to the right of the first rock.

“Looks like something either pushed or pulled this one. If the ship’s camera had been working, I’d have proof that this rock is nearer the ship than it was yesterday. What’s taking mission control so long to figure out what’s caused the camera to fail?”

Shaking her head, Hilary bent down beside Miles and examined the ground.

“It must be alive,” cautioned Miles. “These marks on the ground clearly show it has moved. Yet there’s no evidence that someone or something has moved it. I thought you said there was no evidence of life on this planet, Hilary. Without any signs of H2O, you said nothing could survive here.”

Consisting of at least 50% of water, the human visitors had no chance when the rock struck. Not even their spacesuits helped protect them.

The dusty, dry planet became alive again as the other rocks slid slowly towards the bodies to feast on the liquid nectar they needed to survive.

While decomposing flesh helped plant life grow and spread instantly, the sound of a click from the ship’s repaired camera finally returned the first image of a beautiful, welcoming new world where humans could exist.

Photo of a rocky terrain with greenery, plants and mountains in the background
Beware: Not everything is what it seems to be.


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41 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – H2O

  1. The perfect Twilight Zone ending, Hugh! Imagine humans being used for water by thirsty rocks! Your ending is twisty enough with the camera pointing to a lush world ripe for exploration! Nicely done. Doo-do-do-doo (twilight zone theme) LOL!

    1. We have an extended deadline on this weeks 99-word flash fiction challenge, so I’ve more time to sink my teeth into the story, Liesbet.
      So, be worried, very worried. Hence, one of my own pieces of flash.

  2. Excellent story, Hugh! I always enjoy the twist at the end! The ending to H2O actually made me laugh! 😆 🤣 😂
    I agree with Brenda. It was definitely karma!

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