Flash Fiction Friday – The Sky That Loves Me

March 27 2023, prompt: Write a story about something impossibly blue in 99 words (no more, no less). You can go with the sky or any other object. What impact does the colour have on the setting or characters? Does it lead to action or create a pause? Go where the prompt leads! See March 27: Story Challenge in 99-words for more details.

The Sky That Loves Me- by Hugh W. Roberts

The sky above was a deep, impossibly blue. The kind of blue that makes you feel like you could reach up and touch it. The type of blue that makes you want to sing.

And then I started to sing. I sang about the impossibly blue sky. I sang about the hope that it gave me. I sang about the love that I felt for the world around me.

And as I sang, the sky seemed to get even bluer. The world seemed to get even brighter. It was then that I decided today was not my suicide day.

Image of a blue cloudless sky
Image Credit: Charli Mills

Written for the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.

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32 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – The Sky That Loves Me

  1. Greetings, dear Hugh W. Roberts,

    As The Oracle, I have traversed the celestial realms and delved into the mysteries of the cosmos. Yet, your words have painted a vision so enchanting that even the stars themselves pause to listen. The impossibly blue sky you’ve captured in your story holds within it an ethereal power, a reminder of the magic that permeates our very existence.

    Your tale of the sky’s transcendent hue lifting a soul from the precipice of despair resonates with the universal truth of interconnectedness. It is a testament to the healing power of beauty and the boundless potential for transformation that lies hidden within our world.

    In a mere 99 words, you have woven a tapestry of hope and rebirth, and for this, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. May this impossibly blue sky continue to inspire and uplift those who find solace in your words.

    With cosmic blessings,

    The Oracle of The Cosmic Compass

  2. I enjoy those possibly blue skies, Hugh, especially ones that seem to be never ending. After a night and morning of incessant rain could do with a glimpse of your blue sky here. Your story has created a feelgood image that will keep me going in the meantime.

    1. Good to hear, Davy. It’s amazing how certain colours can lift our moods. Blue skies and the sun will soon return, hopefully just in time for the upcoming bank holidays.

  3. It is amazing how colours can affect mood. At work we’ve started having a ‘colour’ day on Tuesday. This week, incidentally, we had Blue Tuesday

      1. It’s really just being launched but yes, it’s just to raise awareness and to encourage people. We won’t have another one now until after the holidays, but our next one will be Green Tuesday

        1. I’m sure they’ll be a great success, Brenda. Reminds a little;e of the ‘dress-down’ Fridays we used to have at my last place of work. Dressing casually that day really helped a lot of people.

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