Windows To The Past #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of windows in an old castle
Is this what the past looked like?

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28 thoughts on “Windows To The Past #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. These giant structures are towering way over us mere mortals – we seem so small and insignificant in comparison. I read the comments to see if you gave the name and background on the photo, which you did. I agree that the architecture is so sound and amazingly durable as to many of the old structures in Europe which have certainly withstood the test of time. I enjoyed the historical buildings when I visited England and other other parts of Europe with tour groups back in the day.

    This is my Wordless Wednesday post, which will not leave you awestruck by the enormity of the architecture, but merely a peek of two Barn Swallows: one is a talker and the other is not.

    1. Given how these structures were built, they have certainly survived the test of time, Linda. We are blessed to have so much history in the UK and Europe. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to build structures like these back in the days when they were first built. No machines and no technology to help.

      Thank you for your link.

      1. Castles and churches all have survived wars and weather and time. Imagine building brick by brick and toting materials to the site – a daunting task.

        Thank you for allowing me to post my link here Hugh.

  2. What a relic of past times. Whenever I see such ruins I am fascinated about what they built at those times and how it may have been when normal life took place inside of those walls.

      1. I could imagine well that they carried all the stones there without any transportation vessels and built the building with their bare hands. So many huge buildings were built that way. Unbelievable when we think of it today. But those buildings still stand…

    1. We are blessed with so much history in Europe and the UK, Esmé. The walls of the castle will have many stories to tell.

      I hope my comment came through on your Wordless Wednesday post, as I had an error message about being forbidden to leave comments when trying to leave it. But then another message appeared saying it looked like I’d left a duplicate comment.

      1. Hi Hugh. Your comment did come through although went to spam, but I removed it there and approved it. Not sure why it went to spam and you’re having such difficulty commenting on some of my posts. I will approve your comment and respond to that as well once done here.

        1. Gremlins- but thanks for always being on my side and alerting and still leaving your comments. Much appreciated

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