Can Dogs Solve Murders?

We may not have to introduce ourselves to some of you, but we’re Toby and Austin, two Cardigan Welsh Corgis owned by author Hugh W. Roberts and his partner, John.

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Austin (left) and Toby

Why are we famous?

We had no idea that we’d be appearing as characters in one of the stories in Hugh’s new book, More Glimpses. He didn’t even ask our permission if he could use us in the story, although we suppose we have to take into account that Hugh and John, feed us, walk us, groom us, look after us and keep us out of danger. Well, we say danger, but that’s not always the case.

What could possibly go wrong in a sleepy, little village?

Picture this: A sleepy, little, village in the heart of the Dorset, in England, on a few sunny days in mid-June. The village may look quaint and as if nobody dared think about committing murder, but nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, do they?

Murder At The Vicarage - Miss Marple

Those doors can hide all kinds of dark secrets, even more so if you see the door-handle or letterbox flap moving frantically while walking past. Is something trying to get out or, even worse, something you can’t see trying to get in?

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What you shouldn’t do when you discover murder has taken place.

We found ourselves deep in a murder mystery from the day we arrived in Evershot. All you humans seem to do is panic when you hear the news of a local murder because you think you could end up as the next victim. Silly thoughts start entering your minds like is it safe to go out after dark or does rubbing salt into an arctic white carpet remove blood red wine stains?

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Because we have a better sense of smell and sound than you humans, you may think we had an advantage when solving the case. But you humans have a far better sense of sight than us. Use your eyes and look for those red-herrings when reading ‘Murder in Evershot‘ because, like all good murder mysteries, they are there. Sure, we used our noses and ears to solve this case, but not every smell or sound was what we thought it would be.

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Did anyone say treats?

Did we really solve a murder?

You’ll have to read the story to find out how the murder(s) were solved, but if you still don’t know when you’ve finished reading it, then make an appointment with us as the first client of Private Investigators Toby and Austin (Cardigan Welsh Corgis), Bureau of solving the unknown and missing dog treats. However, we’d much rather play chase with each other.

Toby and Austin play

Story #7: Murder In Evershot

Genre: Murder/Mystery

Set in the sleepy, English village of Evershot, John, Toby, Austin, and Hugh find themselves in grave danger when several murders take place. Can they find a well-known detective, who lives in the village, and ask for her help in solving the murders before the murderer finds them?

If you’d like to meet more characters from More Glimpses, click here to meet Jane Collins from the story The Jump, and here to meet the strange ‘being’ from the story The Man In The Television.

This post was written in response to this week’s theme of ‘A Dog’s Life‘, for the Sunday Stills challenge hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt.

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64 thoughts on “Can Dogs Solve Murders?

  1. great piece of writing here and i believe it does depend on the breed of dog, my dog would be useless (King Charles spaniel) however the spaniels used in the Madaline Macan case were very useful
    lots of love E

    1. Thank you so much, E. I’ve read a lot about dogs and how intelligent they are. It does seem to depend on their breed, but I do know that dogs have excellent memories. They never forget anything.

  2. So, can dogs solve murders? I know they have dogs that sniff and find drugs on people. That’s solving a crime, maybe they can solve murders too…

  3. Such cute dogs!! I had a doggie named Toby:) Named him after the dog in The Great Mouse Detective; a perfect example of how dogs can help solve mysteries;)

  4. That’s one of the most innovative book reviews I’ve ever read, and it’s refreshing after reading so many self-promotional posts on Twitter by authors. I have both read and written a lot of book reviews, so that is quite a compliment.

  5. Tee-hee! I love this, Hugh! I always enjoy pet sleuths. The video is cute, and it was also fun to get a corgi’s-eye level “glimpse” of your lovely home. Wishing you huge success with More Glimpses. Hugs on the wing!

  6. I believe I would pawsitively trust them with anything. 🙂 This is wonderful.
    Dropped by today from #BloggersPitStop but as you know I’m fur-ever pleased to be here. 🙂
    Hope this weekend treats you kindly. 🙂

  7. Hugh, Toby, and Austin are amazing. We’ve finally made it to Albuquerque, NM. We’re in a hotel waiting for our new house to close. Paperwork is a necessary pain. Fingers crossed that this all goes quickly. I’ve bought your book and can’t wait to start reading. Hugs to you and John. ❤

    1. Hi Colleen, I had to look up where Albuquerque was. I see it’s south of where you were in Colorado, so warmer climate? Wishing you both well in your new home and that you’ll be settling in soon.

      I hope you enjoy More Glimpses. It’s getting some excellent reviews, and I’m already delighted with what readers are saying about it.

      Take care.

      1. Yes, it’s warmer, Hugh. Living in a hotel is kind of hard but we’re dealing the best we can. We’re scheduled to close on the 14th but there is talk that this date will have to be extended. It’s out of our control and not much we can do. Keep your fingers crossed. ❤

        1. I sure will, Colleen. It’s not always nice being out of control of our future, but I’m sure it won’t be long before you’re settling into your new home. I look forward to reading all about it (and seeing the pictures).
          Love to you both

  8. I really like it how you are performing your blog tour for “More Glimpses,” Hugh. Yes, dogs can be smart, but much depends on the breed. Their behavior also depends on their training. In all our years of house and pet sitting, we’ve noticed similarities between the dogs and their owners. It’s funny, but it’s true! I believe your dogs could solve a murder mystery, but the three dogs we are currently taking care of wouldn’t be able to. 🙂

    By the way, when I was watching the video of Toby and Austin, these labs went berserk, started barking themselves, and thought someone was at the door. Great entry for Terri’s weekly theme!

    1. Thank you, Liesbet. The tour goes on until at least October, maybe longer if I can persuade more characters to write blog posts.

      You’re right about how dogs behave. I think the same goes for children.

      Same here about the video. Austin will sit and watch it in amazement, but Toby isn’t interested at all.

    1. When we celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, we could have hired Toby out for parties several times, Norah. I’m sure that if treats were offered, they’d advertise. 😀

  9. Lol, loved this Hugh, and loved the vid of the little investigators Toby and Austin. One of my fav stories and this post is a great ad for your book. I’ll share around for you. ❤

    1. I made this post part of my blog tour for More Glimpses, Debby. Terri’s theme seemed ideal to get Toby and Austin to write a post. Another character has also written a post which will be published later this month. Thanks again for being my first stop on the tour.

  10. What a great post for this week’s Sunday Stills theme, Hugh! Your Welsh Corgies indeed attract a lot of attention with their cuteness and I’ll bet their noses could solve more crimes than we think…unless they just chase each other, lol!

    1. They sure do get a lot of attention anywhere we take them, Terri. It’s helped get us to know many people, some of whom have become great friends. As for the Welsh Cardigan Corgi Detective Agency, I think Toby and Austin would rather play than solve mysteries. We’ll leave the latter to the Secret Service or Dr.Who.

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