A Safe Place For Keeping #flashfiction

“It may look old and unused, but this is where they are kept.”

“You better be right, Sargent. It has taken us a long time not only to find this place but also to get here. Our troops need to rest tonight. I recommend we rest and plan our attack in the morning.”


12 hours later.

“We’re lucky to have found somewhere they think it is safe to store their data. Most of them never think twice about losing everything. Not everything is safe, but they should have done all they could to keep it safe and secure. The troops are ready, Commander.”

‘Good. On my command, we will begin the attack and wipe out most of the world of blogging from the face of this planet. We may be small and invisible to most, Sargent. Still, we are evolving and becoming more resilient against whatever virus software they throw at us.”

“Commander, let us hope that not many of them have ever backed up their blogs. And of those that do, let us hope they did it once and then forgot to do any further backups. Troops, on my command, let us attack and infect WordPress. ATTACK!”

Image Credit: Sue Vincent

Written in response to the #writephoto challenge hosted by Sue Vincent at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.

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56 thoughts on “A Safe Place For Keeping #flashfiction

  1. This is such a great reminder to back up blog material – once in a while I think about this – like of the WP servers became fried.
    I think about it with other cloud services too. And I heard that many of the big server farms now being used were built about ten years ago – what happens when they age? I am sure the tech folks have this all Covered – but makes me want to print a handful
    Of my favs each year – just to have some hard copies as well. Oh and also back up all my stuff regularly

    1. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You’re right that even the places our backup files are kept may break or become redundant. That’s why it’s useful to backup material to more than one place. I use iCloud to back up a lot of stuff. Hopefully, the folk behind iCloud will keep upgrading the software to ensure all my hard work is safe and secure. However, one never knows, do they? I do sleep better knowing that I have backed up everything, though.

      1. Well In my opinion – the powers that be will keep backing up their servers – which make up the cloud – because their is huge money and power in having access to everyone’s files and then charging them to hold onto it for them in their “cloud”

  2. I am so grateful for you for this. I have been wondering/worried about doing this for some time,
    I have just downloaded my material into a file on the home PC. It says I need an app to open it though. Any ideas what this means? You are a savior

    1. No need to ever open the file. It can only be used when transferring the data within the file to another blogging platform or back to WordPress. On WordPress, it’s the ‘import’ button. I hope that answers the question?

  3. I was waiting for a battle with your usual twist, Hugh, but you fooled me and inspired me to go do some work on my blog! I recently took down my other website through BlueHost and did back all that up and saved the content. WordPress does indeed make it easy, but we all need these great reminders. Thanks again for your timely tips!

  4. Your flash Is great Hugh and the link to how to save invaluable. My blog has lost its little comment here link from under the row of likes. There is always something going glitchy and we (royal) need a Hugh to help us. You should have a “buy me a cup of tea button” please use if my post helped! Xxxx keep being lovely. X

    1. Thanks, Ellen. I like to help (where I can). I’ve never intended making any money from blogging because I enjoy it so much. I see my blogging tips posts as a way of thanking all those who support me by reading and leaving comments on my posts. Plus, there is so much good blogging advice out there that is free. I don’t believe anyone needs to pay for blogging advice. I’m presuming that readers can leave comments on your posts, yes?

      1. They couldn’t for a while, but I managed to find a way … but not a little link as was. None the less Hugh thank you for asking. I was not seeing the button as payment for sharing, but more … I would buy you a cuppa to thank you for all the work those infographics take. If you were here, I would buy you a beer and invite you for tea. Xx

        1. Thank you, Ellen. That’s so kind of you. I think the infographics do help, and I don’t mind creating them. I get slightly annoyed when I have to go and google something from instructions I’m following because no infographics are telling me where to look. I usually give up and not bother going back for any help. I think all instructions should come with plenty of infographics.

    1. Most WordPress themes are now mobile friendly. To check if the theme you’re using is mobile-friendly, go to WP Admin – Appearance – Mobile. You’ll be told if the theme you are using is mobile friendly. There’s also the option to ‘enable mobile theme.’ Switch it on, click on ‘Update’ and then test to see if it’s mobile-friendly. If it’s not, then it’ll be best to change to a theme that is mobile friendly. I hope that helps?

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