When The Clocks Go Back

Old Tom watched the clock. At two in the morning, they always came back to haunt him, but only on this day of the year when he’d forgotten to put his clocks back an hour before going to bed. The same ghosts, year after year, but only on the nightย that the clocks went back.

An hour later, they were gone, and he could sleep, but one year he never woke up again.


The following year, the day before the clocks went back, Monica moved into Tom’s old house. Tired, she decided to put the clocks back an hour when she’d wake up the following morning.

She was woken at two in the morning to the sound of her bedroom door opening. She froze in terror as the ghost of an old man danced around her room while slowly making its way over to her.

โ€œWhat are you doing in my house and in my bed?โ€ the ghost bellowed.

When the clock struck 2am for the second time in an hour, Tom’s ghost disappeared, and Monica’s eyes opened. Had she just had a nightmare?

Sitting up in bed, Monica noticed that her bedroom door was wide open. She was sure she had closed it. She always closed her bedroom door at night.

As the cold autumnal air hit her bare skin, Monica felt a shiver go down her spine as she got out of bed, walked across the room and closed her bedroom door.

Getting back into bed and pulling the covers over her head, Monica soon fell asleep.

When the clock struck 2am for the third time, it was the sudden movement of something under her bed that convinced Monica it hadn’t all been a nightmare.


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Sleep tight tonight and, on the nightย the clocks go back, always rememberย to put your clocks back an hour before going to bed.

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