Puppet #flashfiction #3LineTales

Puppet – by Hugh W. Roberts

Zoe watched, horrified, as her older brother cut the strings of her favourite puppet before dropping the scissors to the floor.

“Now you’ll never be able to play with that stupid puppet ever again,” laughed George.

“You’ll never be able to stop me from playing with my stupid puppet ever again,” replied a wide-eyed Zoe, as she watched the puppet pick up the weapon used to cut its strings.

photo by Claudio Schwarz via Unsplash

Can you write a three-line tale using the above image?

Written in response to the Three Line Tale challenge hosted by Sonya at Only 100 Words.

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32 thoughts on “Puppet #flashfiction #3LineTales

    1. The original ‘Twilight Zone’ has two great episodes that contain ventriloquists, Terri. I don’t mind puppets, but it’s dolls that really freak me out.

      Thanks so much. This is a great challenge. You really have to use all the words wisely.

    1. What a shame the picture didn’t show. I’ve checked the post, and it’s showing for me. Nobody else has mentioned it yet. Have another go by refreshing the page. Hopefully, it’ll work, Caz.

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