The Global Warming Effect #flashfiction

Strawberries and mint! She’d forgotten to order them.

The local shop was too far away to go and get any before her first guests arrived.

A few years ago, she would have gone out into her garden and picked both. How sad that the return of global warming had since not only turned her green garden into a dusty, bone-dry desert but had also robbed her of her love for gardening.

Looking out of her kitchen window, onto the vast martian landscape, she asked herself again if the human race would ever learn the lessons of their past mistakes.

Written in response to the 99-word flash fiction challenge with the theme of ‘strawberries and mint’, hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.

#flashfiction #shortstory #shortstories
Image Credit: Charli Mills

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39 thoughts on “The Global Warming Effect #flashfiction

  1. Hopefully this is not a preview of things to come, Hugh. Of course, I pictured a garden on Earth, but you added the Martian twist! I just read Ben Bova’s Exiles trilogy in audiobook form and this reminded me of what it might take once we destroy our world. Quick report that my surgery went well and I am enjoying my downtime in my air conditioned house as temps have risen to mid 90s. 😎🌡

    1. Hi Terri, I’m so pleased to hear that the surgery all went well. Those outside temps sound too hot for me, especially when it’s only been in the high 50s here in Wales (and it’s staying that way until at least the middle of next week).

      Thank you for the feedback on my latest piece on flash fiction. I fear we humans may have already gone too far. I’m hoping Mother Nature will give us one final chance, but we all have to prove to her that we mean business.

      Here’s to a speedy recovery for you.

      Take care.

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