Visitors #flashfiction

“We’re safe here in the forest until Marlon gets back. All of you, continue to rest and gain energy from bathing in the dappled light of the forest. Hopefully, we have found our new home.”

For 27 days and nights, they waited for Marlon to return. There was an anticipation of excitement in the air when he came back.

“Marlon, what have you found out? Can we live here?”

“I’m afraid not, your majesty.”

“What? Why not?”

“It’s some of the lifeforms of this world, Sir. They cut down the trees. Soon, nothing of this world will be left.”

#flashfiction #shortstories #fiction #writing

Written in response to Charli Mill’s 99-word flash fiction challenge, with the theme of ‘Forest Bathing‘, over at the Carrot Ranch.

#flashfiction #shortstory
Credit: Charli Mills

© 2018 Copyright – All rights reserved –

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34 thoughts on “Visitors #flashfiction

  1. Clever one, Hugh! It is sad that our forests are getting decimated. If it continues we will be in trouble. We need the trees to clean our air and provide oxygen as you mentioned. Hugs xx

  2. A good bit of reverse plotting in a sci-fi where we humans are the destroying monsters making our own world unihabitable to others. Thankfully, this monarch didnt land in the US and make the classic demand ;; “Take me to your leader!”

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