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Photo of an outside colourful seating area on a sunny day
Waiting For Summer

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As Summer Fades

white trash bin under red leaves tree
Photo by Dianne on Pexels.com

Given that summer is fading fast and the autumn equinox is on September 23rd in the northern hemisphere, it seemed apt to share this post again.

Poetry is something I still find incredibly difficult to write.

This was the first-ever poem I wrote and published on my blog.

I hope you enjoy this first attempt.

First published on 3rd September 2014, I give you –

via As Summer Fades

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As Summer Fades

As summer fades

Autumn colours arrive

Dry, sunny days, now but a memory away

But on she goes, with September here

Gripping my world through her warm green eyes

Do not forget her when the first mists arise

Till she gives out her last breath and becomes no more alive

Thank you, my darling, for your long, drawn-out days

Until next year, we must now say goodbyes

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