Flash Fiction Friday – An Annoying Speck

September 19, 2022, prompt: Write a story about mud on the tires in 99 words (no more, no less). The tires can be from any conveyance or serve as an analogy. How did they get muddy, and why? What impact does mud on the tires have on the story (plot) or characters (motivation)? Go where the prompt leads! Click here for details.

An Annoying Speck – by Hugh W. Roberts

It was the tiniest speck of mud on the tyre, but it annoyed him. He couldn’t leave it there on such a special occasion.

“MARSHALL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” bellowed a voice.

“But sir, there’s–“



A few seconds before setting off, Marshall retook his chance and removed the mud while his leader turned his back.

Then, on the sound of his boss’s bellowing voice giving orders, Midshipman Marshall joined the other 97 royal navy sailors in towing the carriage containing the Queen’s coffin as the sound of bagpipes played.


Images of mud on the tyre of a vehicle
An Annoying Speck

Written for the 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.


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