Have You Found The Secret Of Old Items? #SundayStills

How old is old?

When does a new year become old?

Is it when people stop saying “Happy New Year” to each other?

Is there a date when you can no longer wish somebody a happy new year because the year is considered old? When is that date?

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Those may be silly questions, but they’ve often had me scratching my head for the answers.

This week’s theme for Sunday Stills is the word OLD. What does the word old mean to you? Are the stars, sun and moon old? They may seem old to you, but to others out there they may seem young.

The word ‘old’ is often used to describe many things that, to me, are not old. For example, take the building in the following photo. 

Built in the 1870s, one could argue that the building is old. Yet it doesn’t look old to me. Maybe the fact that the owner does a lot of maintenance on the building makes it look new?

Perhaps it’s the style of the building rather that it’s condition that makes it look old? 

What secrets do old objects hold?

Many. All old objects absorb the secrets of those who own or once owned them. Even the secrets of those who come into contact with old objects are absorbed. However, at a certain age, some of those old objects reveal a secret of their own.   

Between September 1986 and March 1988, I was an occupant of the basement flat in the building featured in the first photo. Imagine my surprise when I saw myself coming up the steps from the basement flat after taking the photo.

Then I remembered that the building had revealed its secret to me while I was living there. It was a secret that opened the door to a gift I have.

Later that same day, I came across this old object. 

Although it was not ringing, something urged me to pick up the receiver. 

“Operator. Which date would you like to call, please?” said a rather posh voice at the other end of the line.

Not only was I shocked to hear her voice, but I was somewhat hesitant what to say. After the earlier encounter with myself coming up the steps from the basement flat, did my gift also allow me to hear things from the past?

“October 1986, please,” my shaky voice replied.

Expecting the line to go dead, I was shocked when the next voice I heard coming from the old phone was a familiar one.

But, just as I did in last week’s Sunday Stills post, I am digressing. Those are stories for another day.

What does the word ‘old’ make you think of?

Here are some old objects I have come up with for this week’s theme.

Do you know where to look to find the secret that all these objects hold?

Next time you consider something or someone to be old, take a closer look at what you can see and come back and tell me what you saw or heard. 

The winners of last week’s ‘count the round objects’ challenge

Thank you to Sam, Jon, Caz, Irene, Ellen, Robbie, Bella and Ritu, who took up my challenge in last week’s Sunday Still post and had a guess at how many round objects were in the photo.

I’ve no idea if any of you got the right answer, but you’re all winners in my books for having a guess. Well done!

Thank you to Terri Webster Schrandt for asking me to host this week’s Sunday Stills challenge. Click here to find out the themes for upcoming Sunday Stills challenges.

Terri is back next week to host Sunday Stills, so this is where I bow out as your host.

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