The Timekeeper’s House #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of an old mustard coloured building with a large clock
Do you know the timekeeper?

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Thursday Doors – Open, Sesame!

“Open, Sesame!” is a word I’ve wanted to use since I first heard the magical phrase being spoken in the story of ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ in Antoine Galland’s version of One Thousand and One Nights.

Ali Baba is a poor woodcutter who secretly watches as 40 thieves hide their treasure in a cave, the door to which can be only opened by the verbal command of “Open, Sesame!” He later uses this magic phrase, steals riches from the cave, and lives a prosperous life.

I’ve never spotted a door I thought ‘Open, Sesame!’ would work on. However, when I happened to stumble upon this door that begged the words ‘Open, Sesame!’ to be shouted at it, I wasn’t pleased when my vocal efforts failed. Why had those words worked for Ali Baba and not me?

Photo of a blue door decorated with some mystical symbols
Open Sesame

Nothing would open this door. I pulled it, I pushed it, but it wouldn’t open. Maybe it was locked? I couldn’t even spot a keyhole, but I loved the handles.

I never found out what was behind the door, but given the look and style of it, I imagined it led to a mystical world that could only be reached by a ride on a magic carpet. Would anyone like to join me? That is, if we can open the door.

If you saw the door I published for ‘Thursday Doors’ last week, the ‘Open, Sesame!’ door is only a short walk from ‘The Tower Of The Ecliptic‘ in Swansea, South Wales.

Let me know if you manage to open it.

What do you think is on the other-side of the ‘Open Sesame’ door?

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Thursday Doors – The Tower Of The Ecliptic

Although we’ve lived in Swansea in South Wales for the last five years, it always amazes me when we take a walk off the beaten track and come across something you had no idea was there.

This is the door to ‘The Tower Of The Ecliptic’. 

Photo of a green door that has paint peeling off it and which has a porthole in it.
Door to The Tower Of The Ecliptic

And it’s on this building that you’ll find the door. Can you spot it and any other doors?

Photo of The Tower Of The Ecliptic in Swansea
The Tower Of The Ecliptic – Swansea

If you think of me standing in front of that door taking the photo, you’ll get an idea of how big this building is. How on earth have I managed to miss a big building like this in the city where I live?

What is The Tower Of The Ecliptic? 

It’s an observatory that houses the largest telescope in Wales. Designed by architect Robin Campbell in 1989, the building opened in 1993 for the local astronomical society.

Sadly, in 2010, the building was closed to the public due to a disagreement with the Swansea City Council regarding the building’s rental terms. The Swansea Astronomical Society now holds regular observing sessions at the University College of Swansea. I’ve no idea if they took the telescope with them. Do you think they did? 

For more information about The Tower Of Ecliptic, click here.

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