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Glimpses – 28 short stories that will take you on a rollercoaster of a ride full of twists & turns. Dare you jump aboard and take a ride to the other side of your imagination?


28 short stories and pieces of flash fiction take the reader on a rollercoaster of twists and turns.

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If you are a lover of TV shows such as The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, Glimpses will take you on a journey familiar to those of you who enjoy unexpected endings.

Reviews – Glimpses

Glimpses is receiving great reviews, two of which I am highlighting below.

‘A truly wonderful selection of short stories, an odd and eclectic range of topics and styles, but all of high-quality writing and editing. The author mentions several times how he suffers from dyslexia and I would never have known.
Besides that issue, the stories take you away into different lives, from a ghost encounter to complex marital issues (which seem to span a few stories, so interconnectivity adds to the interest) to the central and longest story “The Truth App.”, a personal favourite of mine, along with the wedding stories.
Glimpses is an apt title, for these stories are not just glimpses into the characters but also into the mind of the author. Despite the change of genres and locations, there seems an underlying warmth and poetic perception of the world, sometimes more worldly than at other times, but always reflective and thoughtful. I’m not a big fan of short stories and prefer to get into lengthier literature so I can really get into the characters. Glimpses achieved in many a short story an engagement and connection between me and the characters that novels didn’t achieve.
Quite an achievement and a very enjoyable and touching selection.’ – Wilma Lettings – Amazon Review

‘A compelling set of tales that take you from warmed cockles to frozen hopes via laugh out loud funny through the frankly bizarre and back again. The truth app is a stunning story but it would be invidious to single out just one in what is a fine first collection.’glp – Amazon Review’

Now only 99p on Kindle

Have a look at all the other reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

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More Glimpses – 32 more short stories and pieces of flash fiction that will take you to the edge of the unexplained. Are you ready for another ride full of twists and the unexpected?

Reviews – More Glimpses

‘What an eclectic collection of short stories!  There’s something for everyone – horror, comedy, science fiction, mystery, paranormal.  Some are a scant few paragraphs, while others span several pages.  My reactions to these stories ran the gamut – laughter, shock, sadness, surprise.  The author has quite an imagination, and uses human nature and tendencies and our dependence on modern technology in clever ways. All are a delight to read, but some that stuck with me are The Tunnel – such an unexpected ending, and I laughed out loud; Floral Hall – so sweet and melancholy; The Right Choice – words can have different, and sometimes very literal, meanings; The Hole – karma occasionally delivers in the most divine ways; and Easter Bunny Cake – I’ll never look at carrot cake the same way again. Whatever your preferred genre, you’ll find it in this compilation of chilling, humorous, and unpredictable tales.’ – tpolen – Amazon review

‘More Glimpses… even better than Glimpses!
I absolutely loved reading Hugh’s first collection of short stories and was eagerly awaiting this new collection, and it really did NOT disappoint!
What was wonderful was that all the stories were new, and I hadn’t read them before on his blog, which meant plenty of new gems that were unearthed!
Baby Talk was a favourite of my daughters.
There are plenty with sinister twists, and in order to create such suspense in a few pages, you have to be a pretty good wordsmith, which Hugh has firmly shown he is!
Easter Bunny Carrot Cake is a short and sweet one, but the romantic in me really loved Floral Hall, even though it is listed as a paranormal story!
Murder in Evershot is another great read…
In fact, they all are.
What are you still reading this for? Go, get the book!’ – Ritu – Amazon review

‘…he likens his book to The Twilight Zone and as I read each story I though this comparison was very apt as there is a creepy eeriness about the stories that makes you feel as if the characters might have wandered into a parallel universe where everything looks the same but isn’t.’ – Robbie Cheadle – Amazon Review

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More Glimpses – Now only 99p on Kindle

Price cut! – The Kindle version of More Glimpses is now £0.99. The paperback version is now £4.99.

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Glimpses and More Glimpses

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