Meet Hugh

Hugh W. Roberts

Hello, and a very warm welcome to my blog.

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom.

My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. I’ve learned a lot about the world of blogging since I first came here in February 2014. All of the tips and advice I give are free of charge and will cost you nothing apart from a little bit of your time.

I have always enjoyed writing, and the fact I suffer from a mild form of dyslexia has not stopped me from enjoying the passion I have for writing.

Blogging has put me in touch with hundreds of other writers, many of whom have been supportive and helped me with my writing.

Here is a list of categories I write about on my blog. Click on a category to view all the blog posts under that category.

More about Hugh

I lead a happy life and always try to stay positive. I share my life with John, my civil partner, and our two Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Toby and Austin.

#dogs #pets #corgis #books

Austin and Toby.

You will find some of my short stories and flash fiction on my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading them. Flash Fiction has become a big part of my writing, and I enjoy participating in various writing challenges.

Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint!

Blogging and Social Media Tips

As I mentioned earlier, I also write articles giving free blogging and social media tips. Click on the ‘Blogging Tips’ and ‘Gutenberg – How To’ buttons on the menu bar to access all my articles.

These articles have proved very popular. My free tips are a way of thanking everyone that supports my blog by visiting, reading and commenting on my posts.

If you have any questions about blogging, let me know what they are. I may respond with a brand new post that could feature you and your blog.

Blogging Awards and Tags

As much as I appreciate being nominated for blogging awards and tagged in blog post challenges, I took the decision a few years ago for my blog to become ‘award free’ and to no longer participate in ‘tagging’ challenges on here or on social media.

You can read why I took this decision by clicking here. However, I’d like to thank everybody who has (and who still does) nominated me.

What kind of blogs do I like to read?

If you blog about any of the following subjects, then leave me a link to your blog. I’d love to connect with you and read your posts.

  • Blogging tips
  • Blogging
  • Social media tips
  • Writing
  • Writing tips
  • Photography
  • Photography challenges
  • Flash fiction
  • Flash fiction challenges
  • Short stories
  • Short story challenges
  • Blogging challenges
  • LBGT topics
  • Science fiction
  • Television
  • Films/movies
  • Technology
  • SEO tips

New Column

I’m delighted to announce that I now have my own column (Diversity with a Twist) at the Carrot Ranch blog. Click the image below to read my current post. I hope you’ll join me and all the other guest columnists there.

My new column at The Carrot Ranch blog

My Books

My first collection of short stories is available on Amazon.

Glimpses is available as both a paperback and an eBook and contains 28 short stories and flash fiction full of twists, turns, and unexpected endings. The Kindle version is 99p.


28 short stories and pieces of flash fiction take the reader on a rollercoaster of twists and turns.

Available on Amazon

Paperback – £4.99

Kindle – £0.99

Click the link below to order your copy.


My second collection of short stories and flash fiction, More Glimpses, is now also available on Amazon.

Price cut! – The Kindle version of More Glimpses is now £0.99. The paperback version is now £4.99.

Click here to buy a copy.

#MoreGlimpses #Glimpses #books #shortstories #flashfiction #fiction
The second collection of short stories and flash fiction from Hugh W. Roberts

Alternatively, contact me to buy a copy.

Hugh’s books

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Latest Guest Posts by Hugh – Click on the links

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Don’t forget to check out the pages on my blog where you’ll find lots more information.

How To Contact Hugh

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

You can contact me by clicking on the ‘Contact Hugh’ button on the menu bar at the top of my blog.

Thank you for visiting me today.

All photos on this page are copyrighted to ©

Copyright © 2022 – All rights reserved.

375 thoughts on “Meet Hugh

  1. Amazing blog you have Hugh. I personally like the section of photography in your blog because i also love to capture moments in a frame.
    amazing Guidelines in your blog i really appreciate your work.

  2. hi Hugh – i have been following you in and off (you know how our blog circles expand and pull in with a certain ebb and flow)
    but i recall the release of Glimpses (first volume / and the excitement in the blogosphere was fun) and then a couple months ago i saw where you left a comment that was humble.
    i have been meaning to mention it – but the person was talking about how their book made it to one of amazon’s top lists for a day or something like that and you noted how yours was like 800 at one point? again – don’t recall it all
    but it was the essence of your humility – “heck – my book was listed as …..” and just had the celebration of that as success
    anyhow – see you around with your column at Carrot Ranch and hope
    your year is starting off well!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Prior.

      I do remember that comment. I was just delighted that I’d been able to make one of my childhood dreams come true by publishing a book. It was the best feeling in the world when Glimpses went live on Amazon. I was so proud of myself, even if it only made it to the dizzy heights of number 800 in the charts.

      I’m looking forward to starting my column over at the Carrot Ranch. My first post goes live on 16th Feb. Another exciting day for me.

      Thanks again for your lovely comments, Prior.

        1. They are, aren’t they, Frank? I’ve taken several of them over the six and a half years I’ve been blogging. The longest was for six weeks, the shortest was only a couple of weeks. However, I’ve always got a lot done when taking them and have come back feeling refreshed and full of ideas.

        2. That sounds interesting, Frank. I’ve taken breaks for different reasons but always had the same outcome at the end of them. They’ve always worked for me, although I know of some bloggers who don’t believe that they work. I guess we’re all different, but when I take a break, it’s a complete one where I do not publish any posts, nor do I read any and leave comments.

  3. Nice to meet you, Hugh. Annika Perry brought us to your blog.
    Sincerely looking forward to following you into the future. 🙂
    Have a good weekend❣️
    The Fab Four of Cley

    1. Hi Dina, a big warm welcome to you and a big thank you to Annika for sending you my way. I hope you find plenty of interesting blog posts here on Hugh’s News And Views.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      Best wishes,
      Hugh ☃️

  4. Greetings, I have to admit I don’t have an “About Me” page as such but after reading your post on this topic and checking out your very enjoyable & informative “Meet Hugh” page it seems I may be missing a trick! I do have two pages that I thought would be an alternative, “Not The Beginning” & “Herstory” .. Do you think adding an “About Me” page would be overkill?. I would really be grateful for your opinion. Regards, Vicki

    1. Hi Vicki, I couldn’t see those two pages on the menu bar of your blog. As most bloggers have either an ‘about me’ page or ‘Meet (name of Blogger),’ I’d recommend you have one and put a link to it on the menubar of your blog. Whenever I want to check out more about a blogger, the first thing I do is look at the menubar of their blog for an ‘about me’ page. If one is not there or I can not find it easily, then I’ll move on quickly.

      I hope that helps?

      1. Not a good start if you couldn’t find them! They are listed under “Home” on the menu bar. I guess I could link the other two on the “About Me” post. My thinking was people would be more interested in the family history content than me but your post made me re think this assumption. Many thanks for your help. Vicki

        1. I’d recommend you have them visible on the menubar, Vicki. Makes it easier for visitors to see them straight away rather than have to find them. And as well as having some information about the person behind the blog on the ‘about me’ page, tell visitors a little about what your blog about. Include any links where they can find more information. I guarantee that if they’re interested, they’ll click the links and find out more. And those are the readers we all want. Not the ones that follow a blog and never ever return.

        2. Thank you Hugh. I can see how to these changes will make it easier for the reader to find my “starter” pages. Hopefully it will result in some comments too. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks, Rob. I think the front page of a blog is so important. Given that it’s one of the most visited pages on my blog, it needs to be interesting and friendly, which I think I managed to include when creating it.

  5. Its good to know a little more about you Hugh. Decided to read your ‘About’ page so I knew how much to write in mine. Again, leaving with a lot of useful information. I can’t believe I’ve been wading in the dark for the last 3 years. Finally I see some light. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad to hear that reading my ‘about’ page has helped you in knowing what to add to yours, Smitha. Remember to revisit your ‘about’ page and update it (if it needs updating) at least once every six months. Nobody likes to read out-of-date information and are more likely to leave a blog or website straight away if the information on it is out-of-date or has broken links. The ‘about’ page on many blogs is also one of the most visited pages on a blog, so it needs as much care and attention as the blog post we write publish do.

      1. Thank you Hugh. I just completed updating my ‘About’ page. I hadn’t looked at it during the last two years. Will do it every six months now on. Thank you. I know you don’t like people asking you to check their blogs but I’d really appreciate it if you look in- just once to tell me if I’ve done it right.But I understand if you cannot.

        1. Hi Smitha, I’ve now had a chance to look at your ‘about’ page.

          I’d recommend you get rid of the featured image. It took up the whole of my screen when I first looked at the page (I’m using an iMac desktop computer). I think it much better that visitors see the introduction you’ve written first. After all, you have a photo of yourself on the page anyway.

          I’d recommend you put a link to your home page (which I note are your latest blog posts) in the menu bar. I couldn’t find them, and it was only by accident when I click on the title of your blog that I found them. We need to make it easy for visitors to find the essential parts of our blogs.

          Fill your widget bar up with some more widgets such as the social media widget that links to your social media accounts so that people can follow you on them too.

          I’d add the category widget or (if you are using the Gutenberg Block editor) add the category block to your ‘about’ page. When you add it, the categories load automatically.

          There are a few other recommendations, but I’ll let you deal with what I’ve suggested for now.

          If you want to come back to me, it’s probably better that you contact me via the ‘Contact Hugh’ link on the menu bar of my blog. That way, these comments won’t appear on my ‘about’ page.

          Have a good week.

        2. Thank you so much Hugh for taking the time to check out my blog. I have made the necessary changes as advised by you. Will contact you through the link mentioned. A big thank you again 🙏 🙂

  6. I’ve only now discovered that we live relatively close to each other. I’m near Cardiff airport. When the current crisis is over it would be lovely to meet up over a coffee.

    1. That would be great, Karen. Over the years, I’ve met several bloggers face to face. It’s always lovely to meet in person.

      Hope you’re doing ok in the current crisis. Stay safe.

      1. I just mentioned you in my blog post today. Am hesitant to give you the link because I know that’s a no no so I’ll do a tweet with your handle included ….

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