Meet Austin #photography

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Austin, a new member of the Roberts’ household.

#dogs #pets #corgi #welsh
Hello, my name is Austin.

Like Toby, Austin is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He’s just over five months old and has lived with us for almost a week. That explains why I’ve been so quiet in the blogging world recently. He’s settled in nicely and has enjoyed exploring the house and trying to get Toby to play at least 12 hours a day! Here they are having some fun running around.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are one of two dog breeds known as Welsh Corgis. The other one is the more famous Pembrokeshire Corgi, a favourite of The Royal Family in The UK. Unfortunately, Corgis are on the vulnerable breeds list in the UK, which is a shame because they are an extremely loyal breed.

#dogs #corgi #pets #welsh

Austin spends most of his day playing, chasing the birds in the garden, emptying Toby’s toy basket, exploring, going for walks, and sleeping. He enjoys cuddles, likes his food, and enjoys walking on the beach. He’s not tried dipping his paws in the sea yet because it’s always been low tide when we’ve visited. We’ve already started training him. He sits on command, comes back when called (95% of the time), knows his name, and has only had one minor accident in the house, which should have been done in the garden.

#dogs #pets #corgi #welsh

He’s not, as yet, shown any signs of wanting to write, but I understand from Toby that he has asked to be shown how the keyboard on my desk works. He can often be found sleeping under my desk while listening to the sound of me tapping away at the keyboard (which seems to send him to sleep).

#dogs #pets #corgi #welsh

Toby and Austin get on very well, although Toby will tell him off if it’s nap time when Austin thinks it’s playtime. Austin follows Toby around like a shadow and has already got into the habit of waking us up with a bark (or two) at 06:30. Being ‘morning people’ that doesn’t bother us at all.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about Austin on Hugh’s Views And News. And, who knows, maybe he’ll write a post or two?

Please feel free to leave Austin a comment. He’d love to hear from you.

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