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41 thoughts on “Birdsong #WordlessWednesday #Photography

      1. I did Hugh. Since I am a walker, I’d say it is my kind of walk. Birdsong is the icing on the cake for any nature walk and that bird had a wonderfully voice.

  1. Wow they’re noisy. So happy. I went for a wander through my local park yesterday, and likewise, listening to the birds was lovely.

      1. It is til you go flying 😆 I wasso busy looking around at the trees, watching the birds that I lost my footing … nothing broken but a few bumps and scrapes

  2. Hi Hugh, what absolutely gorgeous scenery!! Do you get to go for walks there often? I would love to go there for a nice long walk and listen to the sounds of those song birds. Nature at it’s best. I don’t know what birds are in the video and am not great at knowing bird calls. But I do love the sounds of mourning doves, cardinals, whippoorwills and owls.

    1. Hi, Lea. Yes, the trail in the video is a 30-second walk from where I live. It’s lovely to walk during the summer months when it is hot because it has so much shade.

      I’m also a lover of the morning bird chorus. But I also love the sounds of owls hooting during the night mainly during the winter months.

      The trail is full of wildlife, mainly birds and squirrels, but lots of insect life too, especially butterflies.

    1. Thank you, Sunra. Yes, this trail is lovely to walk along and clear your mind.

      I never thought to add a video rather than a photo to my Wordless Wednesday posts before. I may do this a little more often.

      Thanks for your link. I’ve left you a comment.

  3. I had a trail like that at my old place. I would walk it every morning when there were little to no other people on the trail. It was always better to have it all to myself. After seeing your video, I kind of miss it now.

    I was going to post a video today also. It’s strange how a lot of our WW seem to end up being similar. Or my tinfoil hat is malfunctioning. I was going to post a video of our fishies but decided on a panel of photos.

    1. I’m always amazed by how quiet this trail is. I like it because it’s very shady, so when the hot sun is beating down, it’s a great place to walk without getting too hot and bothered. I rarely use it in the winter months, though. I tend to walk along the seafront then.

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