Is This A Big Scoop? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of a scoop of pastel-coloured sweets on a black spoon.
Do you have a sweet tooth?

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41 thoughts on “Is This A Big Scoop? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Yes! Your scoop runneth over Hugh! What are the two candies – they look like Licorice Allsorts, but are not rimmed in black. My late mother gave up smoking cold turkey in 1985. For reasons unknown to me, as I have never smoked, she used to freeze the large-sized marshmallows and eat them frozen when she craved a cigarette. I said “but they’re not the same shape to eat or even to hold?” She never had another cigarette and I was proud of her for that. Here is my Wordless Wednesday post, also edible, but not for me.

    1. They are mini marshmallows, and (the large ones) are called fruit salad chews. The latter is from my childhood days.

      I would never think to freeze marshmallows, but I’m glad they helped your mother quit smoking, Linda. That’s the first time I’ve heard of somebody using that method to quit smoking.

      Likewise, I could never eat snails, but they are a popular dish in France served with lots of garlic.

      1. Fruit salad chews – I like that. I like Jell-o with fruit salad and whipped cream on top and especially like Ambrosia salad. Now I am craving some. I think I would rather look at snails than eat them (as long as they are not in the garden).

  2. Love a soft and good marshmallow for sure. As for it the size of the scoop: one can never have enough of these but I can see a sugar coma coming on for me.
    I especially enjoy the baby/mini marshmallows. I do not buy them often as I know myself and will devour the entire bag if not careful. Hope you enjoyed these.

    1. I remember the bigger ones from way back when I was growing up, Esme. I’m glad they are still around, although I don’t see them very much in the stores anymore. I have to hunt them down online.

    1. The marshmallows would be lovely in cocoa, Terri. However, the bigger sweets are very chewy. They’re called ‘Fruit Salads.’ Have been around in the UK since I was a child. There is also an aniseed version called Black Jacks. They are very morish.

      1. I am a chocolate omnivore – any kind! Except maybe the really dark chocolate that is bitter. You must like Hershey’s milk chocolate. I do like Gherardelli’s.

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