Are You Having A Chocolate-Covered Easter? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of an Easter Egg with Smarties stuck to the front
Will your Easter be full of chocolate?

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55 thoughts on “Are You Having A Chocolate-Covered Easter? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Well I gave up chocolate for Lent (and I only eat that good-for-your-heart dark chocolate) so I’m not racing to get back to that. 🙂 This looks good as I do like M&Ms. Is it a cookie Hugh? We had a confectioner in an office building when I worked downtown. Gayle’s Chocolates specialized in chocolate creations that were out of the ordinary. She’d take a plastic spoon and coat it with white or brown chocolate, dip it in caramel or peppermint, drizzle more chocolate over that and sell it as a coffee stirrer. They were awesome as were her chocolate covered pretzel rods. Enough drooling for now. Here is my Wordless Wednesday post, a memorial tree in the Park where I walk, that was decorated for Easter. Happy Easter to you and your partner Hugh:

    1. No, this was a milk chocolate egg, Linda. On the front are Smarties (small candy-covered chocolate). I’m not sure if you get Smarties in your part of the world. They may be known by another name. They’ve been around since I can remember.
      Those chocolate coasted spoons sound like a great idea. They’d be excellent for eating porridge too.
      Happy Easter.

    1. What a lovely way of putting it, Terri. It was only yesterday that I finished the last of the Christmas chocolate. Now there’s Easter chocolate on the way (hopefully).

    1. Belgium chocolate is the best, Liesbet. This one tasted good, though. It’s from last year. The bunny has yet to deliver this year’s chocolate eggs. I hope I’m on the ‘nice’ list.

    1. Oh, yes, definitely family, Willow. We have a houseful this Easter. My great niece gets excited more by the Easter Bunny delivering chocolate eggs than she does Santa delivering toys. I’m also organising an Easter Egg hunt for her on Easter Sunday morning. It should be fun.

      1. Ha ha. As someone who hated brussel sprouts most of my life, I’d gladly give them up for Lent. In recent years, my daughter has started cooking them for me and now I enjoy then. It’s amazing what wonderful delights open up when you learn that there are other ways to cook vegetables than boiling the crap out of them. Have a wonderful day, Hugh!

        1. I agree. Michelle, although I still can not eat parsnips. My mother craved them (mashed up with lots of butter on the top) while pregnant with me. I don’t even like the smell of them.

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