Pingbacks On WordPress Are Working Again

Further to my blog post, Not Getting WordPress Pingback Notifications? How To Get Around The Problem, I’m delighted to announce that WordPress has fixed the recent pingback problem affecting most users.

However, users must republish posts again to get pingback notifications on the posts published while the problem was ongoing (Feb 23rd – 27th). Please note that when a post is rescheduled or republished, any links to the original post will become broken. So unless it’s essential those pingbacks must appear, I’d recommend not republishing those posts.

The problem was only affecting pingbacks between WordPress. Com blogs. Self-hosted blogs were not affected.

Any questions regarding the recent pingback problem? Leave them in the comments box.

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15 thoughts on “Pingbacks On WordPress Are Working Again

  1. Thanks for the update, Hugh. We shall soon see. Nothing has ticked yet this morning but I know a few bloggers who usually hop into Sunday Stills during the week. I won’t republish as everyone was on point and added their links into the comments.

    1. You’re doing it correctly if you don’t want to be inundated with pingback notifications of all those pingbacks left while the problem was ongoing, Terri. Fingers crossed this problem has been sorted…for now.

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