Not Getting WordPress Pingback Notifications? How To Get Around The Problem.

Update (28th Feb 2023) pingbacks on WordPress are now working again.

Are you experiencing problems with not getting pingback notifications on your WordPress blog? You’re not alone. Many other users are experiencing the same issue.

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Don’t allow the current WordPress problem with pingbacks to defeat you.

Over a week ago, I realised I no longer received pingback notifications from WordPress. Even when linking to my posts, I got no notifications, hence no links in the comments section.

The problem meant that if other bloggers linked to any of my blog posts, I didn’t know. Hence, I could come over as rude for not thanking those who were linking to my blog.

I contacted the WordPress Happiness Engineers, and to cut a long story short, they finally acknowledged that the problem was (and still is) across the WordPress platform.

Image with an update of the current pingback problem on WordPress
The current WordPress Pingback problem is affecting many users.

I received the above reply on 26th February 2023.

Strangely, I’m getting pingback notifications from self-hosted blogs but not from WordPress.Com blogs.

How To Get Around The Problem

If you publish posts inviting other bloggers to create a pingback to your post, ask them to copy and paste the URL address of the post in the comments section. You can then visit their post.

However, beware of the spammers who may take the opportunity of this problem and leave a link or comment that has nothing to do with your post. Before clicking any links from bloggers, you’re not used to seeing, check the URL address in the comment first.

Image highlighting the web address of a spam comment
Mark any comments or pingbacks that are not genuine as spam.

Mark comments or links as spam if they look suspicious.

Another way to identify spam comments is that most have no Gravatar image.

While the problem persists, I’d also recommend adding a reusable block to your posts (like the one in the green box on this post) in case anyone links to any of your posts.

When WordPress finally fixes the problem, you can delete the reusable block, which will then disappear from all your posts.

Not sure what a pingback is? Click here for details.

Not sure how to create a reusable block? Click here for details.

Please leave any questions about the current pingback problem in the comments section.

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While WordPress deal with the current pingback problem, if you are linking to any of my blog posts, please copy and paste the URL address of your post in the comments section.

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67 thoughts on “Not Getting WordPress Pingback Notifications? How To Get Around The Problem.

    1. Pingbacks have been around since the early days of blogging, so I’m surprised you’ve never seen them. But I’m happy to hear the advice has helped, even though WordPress has now fixed the problem.

  1. Hugh, thank you for the info about pingbacks. I wondered what happened to them. I use Mr. Linky as Colleen does and find it saves me lots of time. It cost me $10.00 a year and is well worth it.

    I don’t use the image feature via WordPress and use Pixabay for most of my images directly from their site. However, I tested both my sites (one being an FSE theme), and Pexels Free Photos is not working for me.

    I switched my smaller blog to an FSE theme and it was quite a learning experience. I feel if one is switching their blog to FSE, rather than creating a new blog, be sure to try a few FSE themes to see how they mesh with your existing blog. The first one I tried made my blog look like a trainwreck and the next one was impressive where everything (well almost) fell into place. Just another day in blog land. LOL

    1. I saw on the forums yesterday that the pixel image issue is affecting some users, Eugenia. I wonder if it’s been caused by the introduction of the new Openverse free photos that WordPress announced. In any case, they know the bug exists and say they are looking into it. Hopefully, it won’t take as long to fix as the pingback problem did.

      I’ve only looked at FSE themes recently but can’t seem to review them as the downloading hangs. I’ve mentioned it to WordPress, and we’re trying to resolve the issue. Which FSE theme did you go with in the end?

      1. Long story short, I used the Stewart FSE theme and really liked it because it has a sidebar) but last evening and this morning my blog began to flash and jump so I moved it back because I am worried if it is unstable, I would lose my work.

        Once I feel the FSE themes are stable, I’ll try it again. It didn’t take me long to set it up once I figured it out. It is a learning experience that takes time and patience.

        1. It sounds like it’s best to delay any move to FSE themes. I’m having a problem in that I can’t get any of them to show me a demo of what my blog will look like if I select the theme. I’m working with the Happiness Engineers to try and fix the problem.

        2. Not seeing what your blog will look like is a big issue with me too. I hope the HE’s will fix the problem. I moved my blog back to the FSE theme and so far so problems.

  2. Thanks for the useful information, Hugh. You are so professional. I love the reusable block, too. I’m also going to include a link to this post for others that might not know about it.

      1. Yay, so I can take out the green cell. They now have a different one. If you click the like button on a comment then start writing, it goes off. It happened on the last three or four comments I’ve written. Thanks so much for all you do. I’ve missed talking to you via Story Chat and visiting your blog each week. I hope to get back to visiting more after our lives calm down from moving.

        1. In the notification center. It just happened as I typed passed the like button in this block. It seems that if you like first and start typing, if you can keep the characters down to about 10, the like button stays on. As soon as you race past underneath it, the Like button flips off. 🙂 Does that answer your question?

        2. It does, and I’m giving it a go with this comment. I clicked the like button first and have types more than 10 characters, but my like of your comment is still active. It hasn’t gone off. It could be a bug associated with the WordPress theme you’re using.

        3. How interesting. I am doing the same, and/ it just clicked off. I bet your are exactly right. I’ve heard that WP is not supporting this theme anymore. That must be the problem. I will check it out. You are a dear to check on it. 🙂 If that’s the case, I’m sad. I love this theme. 🙂

        4. Once WordPress retire a theme, they remove all support for it. You could be lucky, and no more bugs appear on it, but the theme could become a problem you don’t want. I’ll leave the decision to you.

        5. I will change it eventually. We have just moved, lost two pets in the last 60 days, are living with Vince’s sister who is moving soon, our garage roof is leaking with all of her and some of our furniture in it, and we are starting to remodel the condo we are in. Whew! So I will probably wait to figure it out but I’m glad for your helpful advice!

  3. Aaah thank you so much for this post, Hugh. It’s been driving me nuts. I thought it had something to do with switching to jetpack so had been blaming that! I missed quite a few lovely pingbacks last week on the latest #writephoto challenge. Fingers crossed they sort it soon. Thanks again. KL ❤

        1. Thank you for the lovely feedback about my Throwback Thursday post, Michelle.

          I’m pleased to say that pingbacks are now working again. I’m about to announce the details on my blog.

  4. Thanks for this, Hugh. As a matter of fact, I am working on a post that, assuming I get it done :), I wanted to have links to a couple of blogs, including yours. Hopefully the problem will be fixed before then.

    Btw, I really like your subscription block at the end of your post. Did you have to perform any magic to have it automatically include the subscriber’s email?

    1. WordPress can’t indicate when the current pingback problem will be fixed, Janis. I’m hoping it won’t be long. If you do link to one of my posts, would you mind copying and inserting the URL of your post on the post you’re linking to? That way, I’ll be alerted to it.

      No, the reader’s email address appears automatically to whoever reads my post when they see that block, provided they’ve registered the address with WordPress. The magic happens as part of the block. I don’t think it would appear for those who do not have a WordPress blog.

  5. As always, great advice, Hugh. It is more than annoying to run a blog challenge that relies on blogger engagement using pingbacks to develop community, and then suddenly not have it work. Someone already commented that when this issue is fixed, then we might get 8000 notifications at once!

    I also agree that continuing to create pingbacks to posts is a good idea once the problem is fixed. Good idea on the re-usable block–(hand slap to forehead)…I start my posts in Word and keep all my “resusables” there to plop in with each post (and yes I use reusable blocks). Many thanks!!

    1. Terri, I can imagine the trouble and agony this pingback problem is causing those that run blogging challenges. It must be a complete nightmare.
      If (and when ) the problem is sorted, we may get many pingback notifications or only notifications for pingbacks created after the fix. I know that many will hope for the latter.

      The reusable block warning about pingbacks is a great idea because when the problem is fixed, you can delete the block, and it’ll disappear from all the posts you have used the block on. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  6. Ah, that explains a lot. I use Mr. Linky for my poetry challenges because of this issue on WordPress.Com. Through the years, it’s been an ongoing issue for sure. Thanks for your tips, Hugh. I also can’t use the Pexels images (another WP link) for featured images. It’s frustrating. My friend Eugi said she put together a FSE blog theme for her small blog. She said it was a nightmare and took a long time to get everything in place.

    1. Having a backup is a good idea, Colleen. I believe you have to pay to use Mr Linky, though. If you do, would you mind telling us how much it is (just in case anybody running a blog challenge wants to try it out)?
      Sadje also mentioned that she could not access images in the WordPress Free library but didn’t mention anything about the featured image. Maybe the two are connected? I can still access free images on the Jetpack app and my desktop computer.

      I think the FSE blogs have a long learning curve. It’s something I need to look into.

      1. This is the first year I’ve paid for Mr. Linky. It’s $10 for the year and you can customize the Mr. Linky button. I used the free version for years. I think you can get Mr. Linky for $5.00. Here’s more information: Yes, I think the featured images and the blog images are all selections available thru WP on Pexels. I used it so much. I’m sad it’s not working. They must be doing upgrades again.

        1. Thanks for the Mr Linky information, Colleen.

          I quickly looked at the Featured image link on one of my blog posts, and it seems to be working fine. I could click the Free Pexels images link and get images to show.

  7. Thank you, Hugh. The only addition I would make is that people should still ping-back to the original content. Not because it will suddenly work later today, but because it puts a link to the original post, such as a challenge or article. That’s my only suggestion. That way the links to your post can go both ways- readers can find what you are writing about, and y sing the link placed in comments allows everyone to find you off that same post. Basically exactly what we all used to do before we ever heard of ping-backs.

    1. Thank you. That’s excellent advice and something I’m still doing.
      When the pingback problem is sorted, I wonder if we’ll suddenly get a lot of pingback notifications or if only notifications for pingback will be created after the fix. We shall see.

      1. Last time this happened to me, I found that WP managed to make it as if I had not received any ping backs for a trillion years. I lost all of my previous ping-backs from before the issue, but they started up from there on. Although it was irritating, it got fixed overall.

        1. I’ll be happy if the current problem gets fixed (and quickly). However, when I originally reported the problem, they tried to make out it only affected my blog.

        2. They’ve done that to me too. Everyone was complaining that followers kept getting bumped and they kept saying that maybe 40 people unfollowed a small blog like mine in the last 10 minutes. Everyone else was complaining about the same thing, but it was the fault of my content, not their statistics. Fun times. I really wish they would reorg and rename them from happiness engineers to “frustration engineers”

    1. Yes, it started on Thursday, 23rd February, Penny, and affects most WordPress.Com users. My fingers are crossed that they’ll get the problem fixed soon. I am concerned it’s already taking too long to fix.

    1. I’ve checked and have no problem seeing images and photos in the WordPress free library. I checked on my desktop computer and on the Jetpack app on my iPhone. It’s working fine for me.

        1. Unfortunately, WordPress retire themes and removes support for them. When the theme then develops any bugs, they don’t repair it. Over the nine years I have blogged, I’ve changed themes several times due to retired themes. It’s frustrating, but I understand why they do it.

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