Where Time Stands Still #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of a work shed which has been left as it was 50 years ago.
Do you have any evidence of time standing still?

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30 thoughts on “Where Time Stands Still #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Well I scrolled down thru the comments, which I don’t usually do, but I wanted to know where you took the photo – I was thinking a blacksmith’s shop. At The Henry Ford (f/k/a Greenfield Village) in Michigan, there is a village of old buildings like this one, actually the real vintage workshops for inventors like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and others, perfectly preserved like this one. Here is my post from last week – by the time you read it, I will have published this week’s Wordless Wednesday. This is my cute little squirrel I’ve named “Parker” at the park where I walk nearly every day. I have mentioned Parker often so readers know who he is.


      1. Yes they do Hugh. I tried to get a job as a docent at this venue while I was in college. People said it looked good on your resume, even though I already had a part-time job at a diner. You were assigned to a building and had to dress in period costume and learn everything you could about the building/workshop. I applied but was not accepted as I was not a U.S. citizen (still am not a U.S. citizen; I am a Canadian).

        1. I don’t think they’d be able to refuse anyone a job based on nationality now, Linda. Such a shame that it happened. It should always have been based on who did the job best, not on where somebody came from.

    1. Please don’t apologise for being late, Esmé. As long as the comments section of my posts are open, nobody is ever late and is welcome to leave comments and links to the Wordless Wednesday challenges.

    1. I agree about our lives being much simpler back then. Technology has undoubtedly taken up much more of our time, yet we seem to have less.

      Your comment went straight to my spam folder. Not sure why, but it may be worth checking that comments you’re leaving on other blogs are not being marked as spam. If they are, I’d recommend contacting WordPress about it.

  2. Hi Hugh. Sorry for asking on this post but I have a question for you. What do you know about the Jetpack app? I keep getting notifications to switch. I looked on your page hoping you already discussed it but I didn’t see anything.

    1. This was taken at a place called Big Pit, which is an old coal mine now turned into a museum, Terri. It was a fascinating place. I did some Wordless Wednesday posts from it last year. I also learned that my Grandfather worked there in the 1920s.

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