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Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of the actors on stage in the pantomime 'Beauty and the Beast' held at The Theatre Royal in Swansea
Would you perform in a pantomime?

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31 thoughts on “Pantomime #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Love a good pantomime! I used to work in a theatre in Belfast and managed to work through six years of pantomime. The many, many kids could be arduous though.

    1. I’m pleased that the kids were all well-behaved at the pantomime I attended, Wayne. But I get what you mean by seeing them every day. Working in the theatre sounds like a fantastic experience. I expect you have many good stories of working there to share.

  2. Fabulous photo and, yes, I would love to perform in a pantomime! In reality, I’m a bit quiet but put on the cossies and make up and I’d be raring to go. 😀

    1. That’s great to hear, Lesley. Having acted in the past, we all become different when putting on a costume and some stage makeup. We take on a new outlook and become somebody else, which can be great fun, especially in a pantomime.

  3. Happy New Year! This looks like a colorful and fun production Hugh. I don’t know if I could participate, but it looks like a happy little group and they’d be forgiving if you suddenly got stage fright. Many decades ago, for extra credit in 9th grade, I memorized the “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” speech from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”. I had it down pat, made my parents listen for days and got up in front of the class and froze. Teacher would not permit a “private audience” and said I wasted the class’ and her time. I still remember most of that speech to this day! Here is my Wordless Wednesday contribution in honor of our Bomb Cyclone bitter cold weather, though today we’re mild like you are in the UK:

    1. Stagefright can be a terrifying thing, Linda. When I did a little bit of acting, the nerves always got me. But once on stage, enjoying myself, those nerves soon melted away, and I enjoyed myself. I’m not sure I could have coped with being on stage alone.

      I was never very good at learning my lines, so well done memorising that speech from Julius Caesar. Sorry to hear that stagefright got the better of you, though. It stays with us once we learn something we probably wouldn’t have memorised. That’s why I always had trouble remembering my lines.

      I heard on the news about your bad winter weather over Christmas. I saw a video of boiling water freezing when thrown in the air. Now that’s what I call cold! Brrrrrr!

      Happy New Year.

      1. Yes, the brain retains things for a long time but in this case stage fright took over. I did not see anyone doing that experiment this time Hugh, but I’ve seen it done before. It was brutal indeed – this week we have Springlike weather, like you have!

        1. I wouldn’t call our current weather springlike, Linda. It’s mild, but the days are dull, grey and drizzly. Blue skies and some sunshine can not come quick enough.

  4. What a stunning picture, Hugh! I bet those actors are waayyy over the top as they mime–must have been a blast! I tried charades once (miserable failure) but I do well with Pictionary, LOL! No WW for me this week– still a bit under the weather. My SS 2022 retrospective was fun and is keeping me busy this week. Happy New Year to you and the guys!

    1. Those actors seemed to be having a great time on stage, Terri. They certainly made me laugh a lot.

      I haven’t played Charades in years, but I always remember it producing a lot of fun and enjoyment. From what I recall, I wasn’t too bad at it.

      Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

      Happy New Year to you.

    1. It was a wonderful experience to visit a pantomime over the Christmas holidays, Esmé. We came away having laughed a lot. It was great fun, and, as you mentioned, the costumes and set were amazing.

      1. I think the nearest I want to get to a stage is in a classroom. It’s bad enough with all these expectant faces staring at you … it feels like putting on a performance

        1. I’ve always enjoyed training people because I always went home knowing that I had helped people. However, I see that in the same rank as entertaining people, especially if they laugh and go away having had a great time. That’s exactly how I felt after leaving the pantomime.

        2. It seems we’re quite similar there. I know I have to sometimes stand and lecture – hopefully not death by PowerPoint. But I’d much rather do interactive activities and have fun … the students (or trainees) go away having had fun, they’ll remember more. From that perspective, I’m much happier being physically back in the classroom rather than online. It’s much easier to engage and have fun in person – even if the class is hyper for their next lecturer 🤣

        3. I agree. The blogging and online world is fantastic, but there’s nothing quite like being in a room with other people having discussions. It beats one-word comments or those that don’t give the writer/author valuable feedback.

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