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Photo of Christmas lights through a window at night
First Signs

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47 thoughts on “First Signs #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Well this tree, waiting adornments, is a sign of better things to come Hugh. Since we had such a mild Autumn here in Southeast Michigan, as soon as Halloween was over, people began decorating outside earlier than usual. And, for the many people who don’t decorate with harvest decor, some of those homeowners were stringing lights and putting out yard ornaments in late October! Some thieves are stealing outside ornaments, especially the inflatables, so some people don’t decorate outside anymore.
    Here is my contribution to Wordless Wednesday, several shots of birds in big flocks, the first being a Starling murmuration.

    1. What a shame that thieves steal outdoor ornaments, Linda. I don’t mind seeing the first signs of Christmas in people’s homes and gardens, provided Advent Sunday has passed. This year, it was early (Nov 27th), so for Christmas decorations to go up in late November is ok with me.

      1. It is awful Hugh and not just Christmas, but Halloween as well. Hanging baskets of flowers as well. Many people have surveillance cameras so they see their possessions being carted off in the middle of the night, adding insult to injury. Here in the States, it becomes a blur of holidays with no distinction between them.

        1. Such a shame both have happened, Linda. In my childhood days, there was no mention or evidence of Christmas until at least December 1st. And even then, it only crept in slowly before being released a couple of weeks before the big day.

        2. And some families never even put up the tree until Christmas Eve. Plus, they never put the presents under the tree until early Christmas morning, all under the guise that Santa left them. I think some of that magical time we enjoyed in our youth is gone now. I wonder how many kids put out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer these days?

        3. I’m delighted that my great-niece still puts out a glass of brandy for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, Linda. Why Brandy and not cookies? I think her father may have something to do with that.
          And I recall families that only put up the Christmas tree and decorations on Christmas Eve and took them all down on the 12th night after Christmas. That tradition seems to have been almost lost now.

        4. Interesting about the brandy for Santa Hugh – well, it does get cold cruising around the world. Yes, sadly youngsters are too savvy about Santa Claus, unlike when I was a kid. Kids grow up too soon now and holidays morph from one to the other without regard to how it should or originally was.

  2. Getting sick of the Christmas ads on the TV already. And never a mention of the real reason for Christmas in any of the endless movies. I have some few decorations up inside but will wait until at least next weekend before doing any more.

    1. Now that December has arrived, it’s all systems go for putting up the Christmas trimmings. Although I don’t mind seeing them go up on Advent Sunday when it falls in November.

    1. I’d have thought you’d have taken to home shopping after your recent post about shopping on Black Friday and the comment I left on the post, Davy. But I hope your day out Christmas shopping wasn’t too much of an ordeal. At least it’s done now?

  3. Yay, signs of Christmas, Hugh. My neighbor loves the holidays and had her tree up in her window after Halloween! I’m busily decorating since Sunday, lots to do still! Great WW post to get us excited about the holiday season!

    1. That’s early for putting up a Christmas tree, Terri. I’ve already seen Christmas trees up in people’s windows, but many did not go up until Sunday, which was advent Sunday. We’re planning on putting ours up on the weekend. Let the Christmas season start.

  4. Christmas decorations tends to be out earlier and earlier every year, and I am not keen on that.. Here in our area it already started directly after Halloween and at some shops even prior to that which is totally wrong in my mind. We had a snowfall last night (the first real and big dump) and this now resembles Christmas with the Christmas lights and it’s so pretty.

    1. I don’t mind food shops having Christmas food in store early, as I know many folks have to budget, and buying it over many months can help. The same goes when gift buying, although I buy all my Christmas gifts in the summer sales. I don’t mind seeing Christmas decorations in November, but not until after Remembrance Sunday.
      Enjoy the snow, Esmé.

  5. First signs? I’ve been seeing signs everywhere since November 1. LOL That’s way too soon! I do love Christmas but I don’t want it to last all year. I remember saying to my mum when I was little “I wish every day could be Christmas” and she responded “But then it wouldn’t be special.”

    1. Your mum’s words are valid, Michelle. I do love the Christmas season, although seeing Christmas decorations before mid-November is not something I grew up with. When I was a child, I never saw evidence of Christmas until at least December 1st. I don’t mind seeing Christmas food early because I know many people have to plan and pay for a little at a time over many months and weeks.

      1. Yes, the food makes sense, and I also understand while stores start early, although I do wish stores would wait until after November 11 out of respect for our veterans. I just shake my head at people putting up their trees and decorating their houses in early November.

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