WordPress: Press This. What Is It? How To Use It And Why It’s Safer Than Reblogging

Sharing the blog posts of other bloggers is something the majority of bloggers like to do. But is there a safe way to do it without facing the possibility of copyright infringement?

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Have you tried ‘Press This’ on WordPress?

In January 2022, I published a guest post by author and writer Deborah Jay where she shared a story of how she faced a copyright infringement fine simply for reblogging the blog post of another blogger. You can read Deborah’s post here

The ‘Press This’ feature on WordPress is simple to use and (when used correctly) removes all the possibilities of being fined for copyright infringement. It also comes with other benefits that reblogging a post does not have.

How To Use Press This.

  • Ensure you are in the Default view of your blog’s dashboard, not the Classic view mode.
Image highlighting 'Default view' mode in the dashboard of a WordPress blog.
Ensure your blog’s dashboard in ‘Default View’ mode.
  • Click on Settings – Writing.
Image highlighting the settings and writing tabs on WordPress
Click on Settings and Writing
  • On the Writing Settings page, scroll down to Publishing Tools (at the bottom) and look for the Press This button.
Image highlighting the Publishing Tools and Press This button on WordPress
Drag the Press This button to the favourites bar on your device.
  • Drag and drop the Press This button to somewhere you can access it quickly when reading blog posts. I dragged it from the bottom of the Writing Settings page and placed it on the ‘favouites bar’ of my desktop computer, where it’s visible while I am on the internet. 
  • When you find a blog post, you want to share, click the Press This button. 
  • A new window will open, but you can close it down as a draft copy of the post you wish to share will be in your draft folder.
  • Open the draft you have just created. In the images below, you’ll see one of my blog posts which I have made via the Press This button. 
Image highlighting the draft post created when using Press This
Find the draft post that has been created by the Press This button
  • Before publishing the post, you need to add tags and categories. To do this, click on the meatball/kebab menu next to the post (the three dots) and click on Edit.
Image highlighting the meatball menu and edit button on WordPress
Click the meatball menu to edit the post.
  • Not only can you add tags and categories, but you can also edit the post, add an excerpt, and add your own images and photos. 
Image showing the editing page of a draft post on WordPress
Edit the post before publishing it
  • Don’t worry about the left alignment of the link created by ‘Press This’, as in most cases, it will be centred when the post is published. However, I recommend you preview the post before publishing it, as the theme you use may not automatically centre it.
  • Save the draft.
  • As soon as you’re happy, either click the publish button or schedule it to publish on a date and time that suits you. 

What are the most significant benefits of Press This over Reblogging?

  • No images from the post get downloaded into your media library, so there is no risk of copyright infringement. 
  • You do not use up any valuable space in your media library. 
  • You can edit and add tags and categories before publishing the post— no need to go back to it after publication to add details or leave it as an uncategorised post. 

Sub note: Unfortunately, the ‘Press There’ sharing button at the bottom of blog posts is not working correctly. Therefore, the above method for sharing via ‘Press This’ is recommended.

Do you have any questions about Press This? Please leave them in the comments section.

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46 thoughts on “WordPress: Press This. What Is It? How To Use It And Why It’s Safer Than Reblogging

  1. Excellent tutorial Hugh. I’ve written about this most useful tool, quite a few times over the years. It seems many still aren’t aware of it. I couldn’t be without it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debby.

      Yes, I have written about Press This a few times, but since the ‘Press, This’ sharing button hasn’t worked for most of this year, this new way of using ‘Press This’ was something I wanted to share. I don’t see many bloggers reblogging anymore, so it’s good to see they are using other methods, as we all know that reblogging carries such significant risks.

      1. So true Hugh, reblogging can be dangerous when copyrights are involved. And oddly enough, I’ve never had any trouble for years using Press This. 🙂

  2. Hugh, sorry im still struggling. I do have the default view set but once I’m in the writing settings I don’t have anything under Infinite Scroll. Maybe my theme doesn’t support the option

    1. That’s interesting, Brenda, because ‘Infinite Scroll’ is under Settings – Reading on my blog, not Settings – Writing. It could be theme related, and I’m sure the WordPress Happiness engineers will be happy to help if you still can not find the ‘Press This’ button.

  3. You show us a great comparison as to why Press This works better than reblog, Hugh. I randomly get reblogs from the same blogger, his media files must be filling fast. I went back one day and deleted the old guest posts and reblogs to get rid of the media. That in itself is a good idea, especially back in the day when many of us naively borrowed images from google. Always great to read your how-to posts!

    1. Yes, the media libraries of those bloggers that run reblog farms must be bursting at the seams, Terri. And even though they may delete the posts they have reblogged, I wonder how many of them remember to delete all the images from their media library?

      And your book got me to spend a whole weekend fishing out and deleting images from my media library that I wasn’t certain were 100% free to use. So a big thank you to you.

  4. The reblog button does not afford much time for those in the fast-share mode. I am glad, I always had the Press This button on my blog. So, I did not care when I removed the reblog button. Those who really want to share something will afford the two minutes it takes.

        1. That’s a good idea not to publish those quotes, Erika. I see people publish song lyrics on their blogs and wonder if they know they could be causing trouble for themselves. We have to be so careful when it comes to copyright infringement.

  5. Hugh, for ‘free’ (WordPress.com) accounts, the Press This button is under the Tools menu. (It does not appear on the settings menu.) It only allows you to add to the bottom of your own post as a share button, but as you said, it does not work. I appreciate the post though because it reminds me I need to delete it from the share buttons on my posts.

    1. Hi Maggie, I also have another blog that is a free WordPress.Com account, and the Press This button I am referring to in this post can be found under Settings – Writing. You’ll find it right at the bottom of the Writing Settings page under Publishing Tools.

        1. Are you clicking on Settings, as it should then reveal another sub-menu under it where you’ll find Writing? If not, I’d recommend you ask one of the Happiness Engineers. If you’re using a very old theme that has been retired and is no longer supported, then that may be why you’re not seeing it, but one of the engineers will definitely be able to advise.

        2. I’ve just checked it out on mine too as this sounded interesting, but I don’t have the option either. I’ve gone through settings – writing but no option

        3. Hi Brenda, I’ve just updated the post with a new screenshot, as to be able to see the Press This button, you need to view your blog’s dashboard in the Default view, not the Classic view.

        4. Hi Maggie, something else you need to ensure so that you can see the ‘Press This’ button is to ensure you are in the Default view of your blog’s dashboard, not the Classic view mode. I’ve updated the post with a screenshot.

  6. I remember reading the guest post you published last January and because of it I very rarely reblog someone else’s post. I do have a question about Press This though, if I were to edit a post wouldn’t that make the original poster upset because I would be changing their post? Also thank you Hugh for always posting such great information about using WordPress. I refer to your blog post quite often when I am unsure about something and I always find what I am looking for. Love your blog 😁😁

    1. Hi Christina, thank you very much for your lovely words about my blog and for referring it to other bloggers. That is so kind of you.

      When you share a post via Press This, all you are doing is sharing a link to that post. What I meant by editing is adding your own words as to why you’re sharing the post. You’re not editing the post of the blogger whose post you’re sharing. For example, when I share a post via Press This, I tell my readers why I’m sharing it. I hope that makes sense? But feel free to ask any further questions.

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