What Are You Thinking About Today? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of a boarded up window with an image of a thinking cherub on it
What Are You Thinking About?

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42 thoughts on “What Are You Thinking About Today? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. She’s deep in thought isn’t she Hugh? What a great place to put some artwork to cover up that boarded-up window. Well on a Sunday evening, I am pondering why Mother Nature got a bee in her bonnet and we went from almost Summery weather Friday to snow flurries that whitened the grass yesterday and today and temps that dropped some 40 degrees. Well, here is my Wordless Wednesday and it’s almost time for another one. I aim to now go to the post you said you would write based on our comments. I am making headway, by hopscotching around. It isn’t nice but necessary. This Wordless Wednesday was a nod to the anniversary of the sinking of the freighter and Gordon Lightfoot’s song.

    1. Maybe she was having rest, Linda? Woke up and thought, I better get on with my job. I’m talking about both the cherub in my photo and Mother Nature.
      Thank you for your Wordless Wednesday link.

      1. That cherub looked familiar and I think the original may be a vintage cherub I’ve seen on greeting cards or other artwork long ago. My grandmother used to have a sepia-toned cherub in her hallway for years and she’s been gone since 1986. Thank you for letting me put my link here.

    1. Enjoy your trip to see family, Terri. I hope the snow doesn’t make it a challenging journey.
      Me? I’ve got Christmas on my mind today, especially as we’ve just bought the ingredients for Christmas puddings (to be made on 27th Nov – Advent Sunday).

      1. Thanks for that reminder about advent (already!), Hugh! I’m flying to Sacramento and no new snow is expected here. No snow possible in Sacramento–still in drought mode! I might have to pick your brain about the pudding recipe 🙂

        1. I can certainly send it to you, Terri. It’s one we have used for many years, and we always make the Christmas puddings on Stir Sunday, not Advent Sunday as I mentioned in my earlier comment. Stir Sunday is always the Sunday before Advent Sunday, so a week this coming Sunday (20th Nov).

  2. Hi Hugh, nice photograph!! Today I’m thinking about the little bit of prep work for the storm headed our way (we are in Florida.) I don’t expect it to be bad but have a few things to do to get ready. Whatever you are doing have a great day!!

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