Creepy Places #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

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Photo of an old cabin in the woods
Would you stay here?

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43 thoughts on “Creepy Places #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Do you remember the barn in England that was full of rare, vintage automobiles a few years back? What a find that was – well, a person can dream what is behind closed doors I guess.

    1. I don’t, no. But I expect those vehicles were worth a lot of money.

      Last week, some workmen here in Swansea found a nightclub from the 1980s while working in an old department store. There were still drinks on the bar, menus, and a fully stocked bar. They said it looked like people had left quickly and boarded the place up. I found it very creepy.

      1. I remember those vintage cars tucked inside a barn made the news over here. No one ever went in there or investigated what was on the property?

        That is rather creepy discovering that nightclub – I agree. Must have been some type of illegal operation and they were “discovered” then they took off in a hurry and never even bothered to take any of the inventory!

  2. No, I could not/would not Hugh. After dark is when the creepy crawlies come out. I am just paralyzed with fear seeing spiders and centipedes in the daylight and they like to stay in places where it is dark and no activity.

    I also indulged in a little creepiness and fear for my last Wordless Wednesday post. I wish the bird had been closer, but its open mouth seems to express amazement at what it saw (hopefully not its reflection).

      1. Oh, spiders and centipedes really are the bane of my existence. What I go through when I see one is pretty amazing. We do not co-exist well. You’re welcome for the link Hugh.

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