How To Access The Blocks You Use The Most On The WordPress Block Editor

Do you struggle to find the blocks you use the most on the Block editor? With over 160 (and rising) blocks, it can be a daunting task.

Do you want an easy way to see the blocks you use the most, so you don’t have to find them?

Of course, you can use the search bar, but there is an easy way to show the blocks you use the most on WordPress.

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Always have easy access to the blocks you use the most

Here’s how to do it.

  • On the draft page of a blog post, click on the kebab menu (located in the top right-hand corner), and on the new menu that opens, click on Preferences.
Image showing the kebab menu and 'Preferences on the Block editor on WordPress
Click on the kebab menu and then on Preferences
  • In the new window that opens, click on Blocks.
Image highlighting the Blocks button on the Preferences menu
Click on Blocks
  • Slide the ‘Show most used blocks’ button to the on position.
Image highlighting the 'Show most used blocks' button
Slide the ‘Show most used blocks’ button
  • When you click on the add a new block button (‘+’), the blocks you use the most will now be displayed at the top of the blocks library list.
Image highlighting the most used blocks on Hugh's Views And News
Most Used Blocks On the blog Hugh’s Views And News
  • Job completed.

My thanks to Jen, who blogs at WPcomMaven, for passing this information on to me.

Layout, content, settings, and format might differ on self-hosted blogs.

If you have questions about how to easily access the blocks you use the most on WordPress, leave them in the comments section.

Looking for more blogging tips? Click on the ‘Blogging Tips’ and ‘Block Editor – How To’ buttons on the menubar of my blog.

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43 thoughts on “How To Access The Blocks You Use The Most On The WordPress Block Editor

  1. Good tips Hugh, well my website is a site and it is not self hosted thus my block editor is just fine, I use the paragraph, gallery and buttons to creatively blog my fashion posts.

  2. Well I saved this post Hugh because I only use the paragraph and image blocks and wondered why image is not up top like the paragraph. I think I remember you doing a post in the past about creating favorite blocks, but since I only use photos, I just search and start to type “image” and it comes up. I don’t drag as I put markers in my Word document what photo I want and load it into the post – easier for me that way.

  3. Thank you Hugh. Now changed my settings. I would say I had to log on through the website rather than the App, just in case someone struggles. 😀

  4. Great tip! I’ve not counted how many extras clicks I make to look up the blocks I used most, but for one posts every week I estimate its 1000+ a year!

  5. That is so helpful, Hugh. Most of us have our favorites, and this will cut down on time searching for them.

    On a separate topic, I noticed that my email notifications used to take me directly to my comment when the writer responded. Now, they often do not. If the person has a lot of comments, I have to search through all of them, looking for mine. When there are over 100, that can take a while. Any idea how to remedy this?

    1. Hi Pete, it’s an ongoing problem with WordPress. It also happens when pressing the ‘like’ button on some email. Some seem to think it is related to WordPress themes that have been retired, but I’m not so sure.

      The only remedy is to use the Bell notification button on your blog’s dashboard or to respond via the comments sections (rather than use the email). Hopefully, it’ll get fixed, but I don’t know if WordPress has prioritised the error.

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