Eerie Encounters: The Ghost In The Shower #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of shower cubicles with a ghostly figure in the background
Can you see the ghost in the shower?

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41 thoughts on “Eerie Encounters: The Ghost In The Shower #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Yes I saw that ghost Hugh, but didn’t see it at first – it was eerie. I was reading the comments to see how you identified it – that is interesting. And I imagine the miner’s wives were glad they could remove their clothing and shower off all that dust and grime encountered while working in the mine before returning home.

    This is my Wordless Wednesday post today. I usually try to have a picture (pictures) that are companions to my Monday post, or taken at the same venue, if possible. So this is a sleepy Mallard from the marsh:

    1. It wasn’t until 1921 that the first pithead baths were built, Linda. Before then, the miners had to use a tin bath in their homes to wash away the grime and dirt. Can you imagine what that must have been like? It takes me back to growing up when we only took a bath every Sunday evening. On other days, it was a quick washdown at the bathroom sink.

      Thank you for your link.

      1. Yes, all that dirt and soot from the mine must have been terrible. How spoiled we are now, even back in the day with the once-weekly bath. That was my agenda too, only Saturday nights for baths, plus my hair got shampooed and set in pin curls for Sunday school. Thank you for letting me post my Wordless Wednesday and for commenting on my link Hugh.

        [I am a week behind in Reader and often read your posts about not to despair and not read every post, which may be the way to go until I catch up.]

        1. I never expect anyone to read and comment on all my posts, Linda. Reading blog posts should be done at leisure. As somebody once pointed out, ‘ blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.’

        2. You are correct about that phrase Hugh. I followed every blogger who followed me in the beginning, regardless of whether their content appealed to me. I felt an “obligation” … however, in my defense, I was a blogger who had blogged for 4 1/2 years with only a handful of e-mail subscribers (a neighbor and friends). So I happily followed back. It is impossible to keep up now, especially those who post daily or twice daily (photographers mostly).

          I like that concept – you cannot read, make thoughtful comments and do replies, then beat yourself up if you cannot keep up. You really have to just back off a bit sometimes. I have a fellow blogger who suspended her blog in May 2021 to do some traveling and visiting with family across the U.S. and has still not returned, yet comments on the posts of her fellow bloggers.

        3. ‘Obligation’ to follow is one of the biggest blogging pitfalls I know, Linda. I hear about bloggers who feel obligated to follow, read and comment on content that does not interest them because that blogger reads and comments on their posts. It’s a slippery slope to becoming overwhelmed and made to feel guilty.

        4. Yes, I am sorry I followed in certain instances Hugh. In fact, I just terminated a long-standing relationship with a blogger who became political. She is a doctor, living in Mexico and was incensed over something Jill Biden said about tacos and Mexicans. The comment by Jill Biden was not made to disparage anyone, but simply was worded badly. Twitter took off on that comment and blew it up out of proportion. The blogger fired off a post about it. I didn’t comment, but she continued with successive posts, so I unfollowed. She immediately came to my last dozen or so posts to “like”, “like” etc. right in a row. I ignored it.

          I have found if I am not timely, bloggers come over and “like” or comment … I am sure they feel “obligated” to comment or else I won’t return to their blog. These are games and like you’ve mentioned in your blogging hints on many occasions – this takes the fun out of blogging.

          I have apologized to some of my favorite bloggers, who, like me, post long posts once a week, but faithfully comment on my long and short weekly posts, so if I have been 5-6 days tardy. I feel I owe them an apology if they are faithful commenters on my blog. Some of those folks, however, are retired and they do know that I am not retired, but I still apologize. I am having issues with people who post more than once a day, sometimes twice a day. I have decided to like/comment occasionally because like you, I won’t “like” without reading a post.

        5. It’s all about finding the right balance, Linda. Although I enjoy writing and sharing blogging and writing advice, the best advice is to do what works best for you.

        6. Yes, that is good advice Hugh. For the present time, while I am still working, all I can say is that it is a good thing I live by myself and am only only accountable to myself for my free time. Thank you for your insight as usual Hugh.

    1. I took this photo at the National Coal Museum a few weeks ago, Liesbet. It’s an old coal mine, where you can go underground and experience life as a coal miner. The showers and locker rooms were just as interesting.

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