How Many? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of the number 29 on a black door with an old lion door-knocker
Door 29
Photo of the number 109 in white on a purple background
Building Number 109
Photo of the number 184 on a beach hut
Beach hut 184

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Linking To Sunday Stills Photography Challenge hosted By Terri Webster-Schrandt – Theme: Numbers

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15 thoughts on “How Many? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. I had the same experience you did, Hugh. It was amazing how many photos have numbers in them. They are a very important part of our lives. 🙂

      1. I did well with math, but I had to constantly check my work because I made a lot of mistakes, much like I do in writing. I double and triple check everything and then wonder how I could let something so easy get by me.

        1. The same happens to all of us. It’s why I like to be online when my posts go live because I usually pick up mistakes then. A fresh pair of eyes for picking up mistakes is also essential.

        2. Sometimes a reader catches something. I depend on Grammarly, Sometimes even Grammarly misses things on the first go around. When I open it later, all the red lines appear (after publication!) I wonder why that is, Seriously, I don’t publish when there is a red line unless it’s someone’s name, and even then I double check. I found a thia instead of this in a post published a week ago. I use each week’s previous challenge post as a template, and then I find things I missed. I need more eyes. Vince is just not into that.

        3. Grammarly has a funny relationship with WordPress. I find it doesn’t always work. I use Grammarly to write all my posts and copy and paste them into WordPress. Always works well for me, although Grammarly doesn’t always pick up my mistakes. However, it’s been a lifesaver for a dyslexic writer like me.

        4. I’m right there with you, my friend. I also had so much trouble when I was in school with writing – dysgraphia. I was never diagnosed with either, but I have all the sympoms. Cramped grip, which may lead to a sore hand.
          Difficulty spacing things out on paper or within margins (poor spatial planning)
          Frequent erasing.
          Inconsistency in letter and word spacing.
          Poor spelling, including unfinished words or missing words or letters.

          It was pretty frustrating, and I have the same problems even when typing. I remember writing a check once with my name, Marsha Mo… I left off the rest of my name. LOL

  2. You have made numbers look stunning, Hugh! I love that beach cabana address–someone went to some trouble to set that up! It looks hand painted. That lion is cool, too! Now I may have to include that idea in my next art project!

    1. Many beach huts near us have these lovely handpainted numbers on them, Terri. Even in the winter months, they brighten up the day.

      I love the lion door-knocker too. I think it’s old – probably Victorian.

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