What Can You See In The Spring Meadow? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – No words, just pictures. Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of lots of flowers and grasses in a spring meadow.
What can you see in the spring meadow?

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38 thoughts on “What Can You See In The Spring Meadow? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Just wrote a post about the Pollinator Pathway program in the U.S. This is perfect. Hidden in these flowers are bees, butterlfies and birds feasting and moving the pollen from one place to another.
    A Mile ar a Time Blog

  2. Great tip on Wordless Wednesday title. How to title certainly foxed me for a while, so I stopped posting Wordless Wednesday. Glad to have found your blog via Renard Moreau. Penny

    1. I still see so many bloggers just using Wordless Wednesday or #WordlessWednesday for the title of their Wordless Wednesday posts. Every time they do, their blog gets ranked lower.
      Thank you for coming over from Renard’s blog, Penny.

      1. Yes I still have it Hugh, it was framed and hung proudly for a while in our lounge before being replaced with something else. It was a beautiful work of art and I was so proud of myself!

  3. Hi Hugh- what a pretty photo! I love how unplanned and free the flowers look. It makes me smile and gives me a feeling of peace, even though I’m usually anxious when presented with any type of chaos. (I know- they’re just innocent little flowers doing their thing!)

    1. I’ve always believed that flowers look much better in their natural environments than in a vase in a house, Kat. Seeing these wildflowers outside is always a lovely sight and always brings a smile. I’m glad that our local authority, which tends these areas, now allows these areas to grow wild.

    1. Indeed, although I took this picture recently during the spring. The flowers tend to fade by the summer, leaving just grasses, but they can be just as refreshing and calming to enjoy.

      1. Even better that you took the photo of this beautiful moment. I don’t know what it is but nature seems to explode lately. Everything is growing and blossoming like it hasn’t been for the past couple years.

    1. I love it when our local authority allows these areas to grow wild, Terri. Would you believe that just the otherside of these flowers is a busy road? It’s a shame when the wildness is all cut back, although this isn’t often the case anymore as our local authority has become ‘Green’ like many others and leaves these areas as they are for the benefit of insects and other wildlife.

      1. Where we live there are wildflowers everywhere, perhaps not welcomed. We have two of my favorite wildflowers growing like weeds (pun intended) on our property–sunflowers and alpine lupine! Hooray for nature!

        1. I’ve never seen sunflowers growing wild in the UK, Terri. However, when plants grow naturally in areas other than gardens, I much rather see them than empty spaces or concrete jungles. However, we do have a wild plant called Japanese knotweed, which is one plant nobody welcomes, as not only does it spread quickly, but it can literally make the foundations of buildings unsafe. It can only be moved or killed professionally; otherwise, you could face a heavy fine for moving or trying to kill it. It sounds like something from ‘The Day Of The Triffids.’

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