Did You Miss Any Of These? Monthly Round-Up – January 2022

  • This technology trick using an Apple Watch is something you’ll be delighted to know.

How To Unlock Your Mac Using Auto-Unlock With Your Apple Watch

  • Can you predict the future? This is why predicting the future isn’t as hard as you think it is.

This Is How Easy It Is To Predict The Future #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  • Have you ever been terrified to do something or go somewhere for the first time?

True Stories: Gay Memories – Going To A Gay Bar For The First Time #LGBTQI #LGBT

  • What are weathering whites?

Weathering Whites #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  • Did you know that keeping old, out-of-date blog posts on your blog can damage the health of your blog? Here’s what to do to help stop the damage from happening.

Are Your Old Blog Posts Damaging Your Blog? How To Stop It Happening

  • If you don’t have an ‘About me’ page on your blog or are struggling with what to put on it, help is at hand. Blogger, James M. Lane has all the answers for creating an outstanding ‘About Me’ page for your blog. Click the link in this post for all the details.

Reblog Of The Month: How To Create An Outstanding ‘About Me’ Page For Your Blog

  • Miriam has other deadly plans for her 80th birthday to what her daughter has planned, but what are they?

Flash Fiction Friday – Make A Wish

  • Do you use the reblog feature on WordPress? Are you downloading images from the web and using them in your blog posts? Are you sure what you’ve downloaded or shared is actually free to use on your blog? Author, writer and blogger Deborah Jay shares her experience of facing a fine for reblogging a blog post that contained an image that was copyright protected.

Why I Was Threatened With Legal Action After Reblogging On WordPress – A True Story And Guest Post by Deborah Jay @DeborahJay2

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