This Is How Easy It Is To Predict The Future #WordlessWednesday #Photography

Wordless Wednesday – Allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

Photo of spring bulbs emerging from a flower pot
Springtime bulbs emerging
Photo of a winter sunrise showing the day ahead
A new day hinting at what weather is to come

Linking To The Sunday Stills Photography Challenge – Theme: The Future

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27 thoughts on “This Is How Easy It Is To Predict The Future #WordlessWednesday #Photography

  1. Very true Hugh, unless the plants have a false sense of winter over – something that has happened many times here because the plants think it’s safe to come out then get walloped by a surprise winter storm. 🙂

    1. Most spring bulbs do much better when they’ve been hit with hard frosts, Debby. However, I agree that some plants don’t. Unfortunately, due to climate change, it seems to be happening a lot more now.

    1. Titles of blog posts are, I believe, as important as the content of a post. I skip many blog posts because the titles don’t appeal to me make me want or find out more. I’m glad the title of this blog post worked.

      1. Hugh – that is such a good point and years ago I followed a blogger who did an experiment and put “ass” (or butt) in a title to see if it generated more hits and it did – lol

        And I sometimes get lured in by a title – or (as in this case) once I read the post I was like “oh nice title connection”

        Hope you have a nice weekend

  2. Hi Hugh, great to see your Wordless Wednesday post predicting the future of spring and the coming of a new day. These are nature’s futures that we rely on to exist (or else)… No spring bulbs here yet, at least not visible since we are waiting for 12 inches of snow to melt! That was a wonderful compliment about how winter should look like. Here in the inland Northwest some would disagree with its beauty. I’m told it hasn’t snowed like this in the Spokane/Coeur D’Alene (Idaho) area since 2008! I happen to love it and have adapted. We have wonderful neighbors, some with snowplows and tractors to be able to push snow off our roads when needed. Every day I wait for the sunrise to happen a minute sooner for soon, spring will be here and a whole year of living in our house will have gone by! I always appreciate seeing you participate in Sunday Still, Hugh, have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Terri, it’s always an honour to participate in Sunday Stills. If the theme suits what I have lined up for Wordless Wednesday, it’s a great way to link up. I don’t like overwhelming readers with too many posts, so that’s why I sometimes include a photo in the commenters on your Sunday Stills posts.

      I do miss the snowy winters I remember as a child. Climate change means our winters are much milder, hence not very much snow. The last time we had a lot of snow was in December 2017, but it had all melted by the time Christmas arrived, so it wasn’t a white Christmas.

      I think Winter is such a beautiful season. As our winters have got milder, our summers have become hotter and more humid, which I dislike so much. I’m always glad when the Autumn arrives with its cooler and fresher days and nights.

      Send me some of that snow, please. It’ll be very welcome here in Wales.

      1. The global weather patterns are all over the place for sure, Hugh! Sad that mild winters are humid summers have become par for the course in the UK. I’m still getting used to seasons in the high desert/alpine environment. At least we get many sunny days in the winter. Sacramento saw too many gray, foggy days, the norm there for winter. I’m afraid virtual snow is the only way to send any, but I’ll have more winter white pics to share this Sunday!

        1. Looking forward to seeing them, Terri. I do like clear, sunny, cold winter days, too. We’re at the beginning of one of those weather spells right now. Frosty, cold mornings followed by cloudless, chilly, sunny days.

    1. Thank you.

      I found your comment in my WordPress spam folder. Not sure why it went straight there, but you may like to check that all your other comments on other blogs are not ending up in spam. If they are, you need to report the problem to WordPress.

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