Looking For Help With Blogging? Do You Have Any Questions About Blogging?

In February 2014, when I published my first blog post, I never thought that I’d go on to write and publish blog posts that included blogging tips.

Since publishing my first blogging tips post, they’ve become amongst my most successful on my blog.

Image for the blog post 'Looking For Help With Blogging? Do You Have Any Questions About Blogging?'
Looking For Help With Blogging?

Where do blogging tips come from?

Mostly from other bloggers. You’ll find hundreds of blogging tips posts all over the blogging world, and, best of all, the majority are free.

Most of us have something to say about writing and blogging as writers and bloggers. They’re usually hot topics for discussion.

I’ve witnessed many posts about blogging and writing getting many comments left on them. Most of these posts get lots of attention and usually hundreds of comments.

Although most of my blogging tips posts come from ideas I have when playing with various buttons and settings on the WordPress platform, I’d like to get you more involved. Therefore, in 2022, I’m relaunching a successful feature I did a few years ago on Hugh’s Views and News.

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask about any aspects of blogging?

  • Not sure how to tag and categorise your blog posts?
  • How do you get readers to leave comments? 
  • What about ‘pingbacks’ and ‘linkbacks’? What are they, and how do they work?
  • What’s the best days of the week and time of day to publish blog posts?
  • How should you respond to negative comments?
  • What are reusable blocks, and what are the benefits of using the Block editor?
  • How do you reduce the size of images and photos on your blog posts?

I’m opening the floor to you. Here’s what you need to do.

In the comments section of this post, leave me your blogging questions and include a link to your blog. 

If your question is selected, I will contact you and write and publish a new post that answers your question. I’ll link back to your blog in the post. I’ll also feature one of your books if you’re an author.

I don’t claim to be an expert in the field of blogging, but I’ve learned a lot about it since I published my first post. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

Now it’s over to you.

Do you have any questions about blogging that you’d like me to answer? There’s no deadline for asking your questions. My invitation is open as long as this post is live on my blog.

Get asking, and get featured. I look forward to hearing from you.

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93 thoughts on “Looking For Help With Blogging? Do You Have Any Questions About Blogging?

  1. Hugh, I have just purchased a new domain.

    I want to use it for guest blogging. So, query is that is WordPress a good platform for blogging?

    1. I’ve only ever used WordPress for blogging but have visited other blogging platforms when reading posts and leaving comments. I wasn’t impressed with those other blogging platforms, so I can highly recommend WordPress.

  2. Thanks Hugh, great idea to offer a Q&A. Do you think personal blogging is a growing sector, steady, or on the decline? It seems some people start off with a blog and then transition over to a Youtube Channel – I feel like that is is a growing trend but haven’t really looked into any statistics, just my own observations so far.😊

    1. Hi Cherryl, I’m not sure why, but your comment went straight to my WordPress folder. Good job. I keep a check on that folder and managed to save it. I don’t know if it’s happening to other comments you leave on other blogs, but I recommend you keep a check on it.

      I’ve seen an explosion in personal blogging over the seven years of being a blogger. Sadly, only around 15% of those blogs make it past the first year. From what I see, there is no let-up in the number of blogs out there. Of course, not all niches are suited to a YouTube channel, so I believe blogging platforms like WordPress will be around for many years. If something new comes along as an alternative way to blog, then blogging as we know it may change, but I’ve not seen any evidence of that happening yet.

      Thanks so much for your question.

      1. Thanks for the reply Hugh, I’ve noticed a lot of new bloggers getting frustrated and asking whether to pack it in, and tweeting out asking for ideas for posts because they can’t think of any, sadly. I had zero expectations when I started blogging, I just enjoyed the outlet and let things evolve in there own time and I guess it will continue to do so (hopefully). Not sure what’s happening with my comments, I tend to get replies back so I know they’ve been received, but I’ll keep an eye on that. Best wishes, and happy blogging 🤗💫

        1. There are so many ways to generate ideas for blog posts, although I always recommend not forcing yourself to blog. Maybe those asking for ideas are some of the group who don’t make it past 12 months of blogging? Blogging should never become a chore. If it does, it’s time to change how you blog or pack it in. It should always be about enjoyment and something we look forward to doing.

          Your lastest comment came through with no problem, although it may be because I had to unspam your last comment. I’d recommend you keep an eye on it, Cherryl. Although, if you’re getting replies to your other comments, that’s good news.

        2. I agree with you Hugh, if I don’t feel like I’ve got any material or drafts ready that I’m happy with I’m inclined not to post anything until I’m ready. Thanks for the heads-up on my comment…not sure what’s happening there – seems like most people are replying so hopefully they’re going through ok.😊

  3. What a fantastic thing to offer to the blogging community, Hugh. I don’t have any questions but I have really enjoyed reading others questions and the responses you have given. So, I wanted to drop a message to say thank you. KL ❤

  4. Hi there Hugh,
    I would love to know if you can help and share your insights with a step-by-step on how to properly set up and go about to have Google crawl your blog and posts, thus submitting the sitemap for the entire blog (pages and posts) for recrawl up properly.
    With the new ADA compliance and as I have an older blog, I am reworking and updating all my older posts with alt tags and this now automatically have redirects as I also add the focus keywords, edit the snippet, add a title, etc if missed in my earlier years, thus have tons of updates and would love to know of an easy but effective way to have my entire site recrawled for all the updates as I do some days.
    The thing is I have so much work to do with this that it will take me weeks and weeks to complete but would like Google to crawl now and on a regular basis not only once all done and dusted. I look forward to hearing if you can help with this.
    Thanks in advance Hugh

    1. Hi Esmé,

      Thank you for your question. I regret that I will have to admit defeat on Google Crawling. However, I’d like to direct you to the blog of Janice Wald at Mostlyblogging.com, who I know will be able to help because I’m sure she will have covered the question you’re asking. Here’s a link to Janice’s blog. If you contact her, please let her know that I sent you.


      1. Thank you for your response, Hugh. I will get in touch with Janice and see if she can help me. I will let her know that your referred her.

  5. Hi Hugh. Your tips are so helpful and refreshingly not too technical. I regard myself as very much a novice and one of the issues I’m struggling with is where to get photos and memes etc. to illustrate my posts. I try to use my own photos as much as possible but when I find images online there are potential copyright and other legal issues. How do I know what I can use on my site without paying to subscribe to sites. My blog is a personal and I don’t get any income from it. Many thanks. Paul

    1. Hi Paul,

      That’s a great question and something I’ve covered before. The best place to get free images that are absolutely free to use is from the WordPress.Com Free photo library. I’m including the link to the post I did about this fantastic free feature WordPress offers to all its users.


      Once you’ve had a look, if you have any more questions about using it, feel free to come back and ask.

      I hope that helps?

  6. Hi Hugh, I have been blogging on and off for a number of years and still do not understand what I am doing. The technical aspects of blogging hard.
    Have somehow battled through tags etc and can put and post a blog. Not always correctly, but getting there.
    Now to get visitors to visit and leave comments.
    Where do I find blogs that I can leave comments? Please. I know it is a simple question, but have no idea where to go

    1. Hi Nina,

      The best place I found other blogs to follow was by participating in blogging challenges. There are hundreds of these challenges scattered all over the blogging world. Check out the comments sections and links on the host’s post and, if you participate, don’t forget to leave a link to your entry so that other participants can visit your post.

      One such challenge I often participate in is the Sunday Stills Challenge. Terri is the host, and she welcomes everyone to join her weekly challenge. Here’s a link to her current post.


      I’d also recommend using the ‘search’ facility at the top of the ‘Reader’ page. Enter some keywords of subjects you are interested in, and WordPress will produce a list of blog posts you may be interested in reading.

      I hope that helps?

  7. I have a question, after all, Hugh…before I forget! I’m interested in knowing how to include a video (recorded with mobile) into a post. I’m sure it’s doable and likely easy, but that would be nice to know.

    1. This is all about how much media space you have available on your WordPress account, Terri. Videos take up a tremendous amount of media space. I recommend downloading the video to YouTube and attaching the clip to your post using the ‘YouTube’ block. That way, you’re not using up any valuable media space on your WordPress account.

      When you download a video to your WordPress media library, not only does it take up a lot of media space, but when you include it in a post, it can also slow down the loading of your post/blog. And as we all know, readers don’t like having to wait for a page to download. They’ll move on quickly when that happens. Attaching the video via YouTube gets rid of the loading issue.

      Does that help?

        1. That’s great to hear, Terri. Think of all that media you’re saving yourself. Plus, you won’t be slowing down the loading of your blog. Thank you for the upcoming link.

    1. Search, follow, read and comment on blogs with the same niche as yours. Make sure you engage with the owners of those blogs. Not all will return your visits to their blogs, but some will. Plus, by leaving comments on their blogs, other readers will notice and check out your blog.

      Do the same on social media and join Facebook groups that cover the same niche that your blog does. And don’t forget to promote your posts on all your social media platforms and engage with people there.

      I hope that helps?

  8. Hi Hugh I have a question 😁. Recently I had to use my phone to post on my blog.(I usually use my laptop) I wanted to share a post I had read from a blogger buddy on my page. How do I do that from a cell phone? I really didn’t think it would be so confusing but I can’t figure it out. 😁

    1. When viewing posts on a laptop or desktop, there should be a reblog button at the end of the post. If it’s not there, there may be a bug causing the button not to appear, which I’d recommend you report to WordPress so that they can look into it. Sometimes, software updates on phones can cause problems with websites.

  9. Love this Hugh. As you know I’m still tweaking around. But not doubts I’ll have a question or two come 2022. I look forward to the new series. 🙂 x

    1. I’m leaving the comments section in this post open to questions whenever any comes up, Debby. I hope we get a few more. It’s got rather quiet in the blogging world, but then it always does at this time of the year.

  10. Your tips are amazing, Hugh. I’m especially grateful for the images for each step. It takes time, I know, but it makes following your instruction painless. I look forward to learning more. Happy Holidays!

  11. Hi Hugh, I think this is a great and generous idea. I have been blogging since 2013 and I still find some of the technical aspects of blogging hard. Therefore I appreciate all your “how to” posts. For that security “padlock “ certificate do you have to pay for it or is there a free option? Do I need to update it every year? I noticed sometimes says “ this site is not secure “. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Gilda, thank you so much for your kind words.

      As my blog is hosted by WordPress, and I pay for their business plan, the security certificate comes as part of my package. So, yes, I pay for it as part of the plan. With WordPress, you can pay monthly or annually. Your hosting company will be able to give you more details.

      I hope that helps?

  12. You certainly have become a blogging guru over the years, Hugh. And you are generous and patient enough to share what you’ve learned and help others out. This will be a popular feature in 2022, no doubt.

    I still have the same problem with the block editor since you last asked your readership about blogging needs… But it’s a feature you never use on your blog, so I doubt it will be worthwhile for you to figure this out. My issue might also be theme related.

    It concerns the photos! I can’t create a photo gallery that doesn’t look funky in Gutenberg. I always have to revert back to the classic version for my photo blocks (a tip you gave me years ago). Similarly, just posting one single photo is not possible either, because the caption doesn’t sit underneath the photo, but is displayed “vertically,” as in one word underneath the next one, instead of next to each other as in a sentence. Sigh!

    1. Remind me again, Liesbet, is your blog self-hosted?

      As you mentioned, I rarely use any of the image galleries. I tend to use one image/photo, and that’s it. I’ve never had any problems adding a caption that displays on the same line rather than different lines. However, I did find the following article, which may help, but it involves adding CSS code to your blog.


      It’s a wild shot, but it may help.

      Unfortunately, the galleries on the Block editor still have problems, although WordPress is adding new features to them all the time. So I’d recommend you carry on using the galleries in the Classic block for the time being.

      If you have a WordPress.Com plan, I’d recommend you raise a ticket about the captioning problem with them. When doing so, include some screenshots of the problem, which will help them answer your question quicker. I also saw several articles about some themes only able to support small size images and photos. Do you resize all your images and photos before using them? What size are they? I’d recommend nothing more than 900 x 675.

      1. Hi Hugh,

        Thank you so much for elaborating on my issues and for offering advice. Yes, my blog is self-hosted. The photo gallery issue with Gutenberg has been going on for years already. It surprises me that WordPress hasn’t fixed it yet. Hurray for reverting back to the Classic Editor for those sections. 🙂 Of course, I never opened a ticket with them or asked them to fix it as I have a workaround for now.

        Yes, I always resize my photos – I’ve had to, out of necessity over this last decade as my (and some of my followers’) internet is often hit or miss. I actually used to resize them to 500 on the longest side, but recently changed that to 1000 pixels on the longest side, because the photo quality was getting too poorly. And, my travels are reflected in many photos, so the quality has to be decent, especially if I promote myself as a photographer as well.

        It’s all so much work and I want blogging to remain fun, so I stick to what I know and what I enjoy. That means not dealing with issues. I have plenty of those in “real life”…

        1. Hi Liesbet, no worries. I thought you were self-hosted but couldn’t remember. I don’t think WordPress are responsible for the Block editor outside of their own platform. It’s another company, although they employ specific employees to look at the WordPress platform. I follow some of them on Twitter. Let me know if you want details, and I can send you their Twitter names so you can follow them there and perhaps ask them about the issues you’re having with the galleries. And there are no plans to ditch the Classic block because some people still prefer to use that editor via that particular block.

        2. Hi Liesbet, sorry to jump on this thread but I might have found something that might help (unfortunately not with the gallery view issue but with image size). Do you use https://bulkresizephotos.com/en ?
          It’s something I have recently started using for my weekly prompt photos, you can specify the image dimensions you want and it will do them all in one go. It’s free and doesn’t leave a markup on your images. It has saved me a lot of time. KL ❤

  13. Thanks for this offer Hugh – I’ve certainly found many of your tips helpful in the past, especially when I first started out last year. I have a question although I don’t know if it’s ‘within scope’. For some reason I can’t get pingbacks to appear on my posts. When people link to one of them I don’t get a notification, the link doesn’t appear as a comment to be moderated and it doesn’t appear as a comment. There are a few exceptions – if I link to one of my own posts it sometimes works, and there are a couple of other bloggers whose links seem to work too. They all seem to be users of the free WordPress platform whereas I am self-hosted, but that’s not a consistent pattern.

    I’ve searched forums and found occasional threads about this but none of them seem to have reached a solution, at least not one that was reported in the thread. I’ve reached out to Jetpack and to my hosting service (Bluehost). The latter tried to resolve it but couldn’t. I’ve tried changing themes and that didn’t work either. So the question is, have you heard of any other bloggers having this problem and if so do you know if they resolved it? Also, can you think of any other route I could pursue?

    My blog is https://www.toonsarah-travels.blog/. Thank you for listening!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yes, I’ve heard of this problem before. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with self-hosting a blog as I’ve always used WordPress.Com and have a plan with them, so they look after everything for me. Pingbacks and linkbacks work perfectly between WordPress.Com sites, although some WordPress users don’t allow pingbacks or linkbacks. There is a setting that they can turn off. They also don’t work when creating a pingback to the home page of a blog.

      If your hosting service hasn’t been able to resolve the problem and can’t give any reasons why pingbacks don’t work, the only suggestion I have is to change the hosting provider., However, if you’re happy with the service they have given, then stick with them.

      Of course, you can continue to include links in your posts, and although the pingback may not work, I would suggest you contact the blogger whose posts you’re linking to and inform them you’ve linked to their post. If you’re not happy with that suggestion, I’d recommend you contact the blogger first and ask for permission to link to their post. The majority will be delighted and agree, but I know some bloggers who don’t like their posts being linked to without prior permission first. At least by contacting them, they’ll be aware that you’re linking to one of their posts. Some will probably ask you to send them a link to the post once it goes live so they can share it on social media.

      I hope that all helps?

      1. Thanks for trying to help Hugh. However the problem isn’t with links I include in my own posts, which work 90% of the time, but with links TO my posts that others include in theirs, e.g. when participating in the Friendly Friday Challenges I’m now involved in setting. These only work about 10% of the time, I reckon! It means that if someone joins the challenge but doesn’t leave a comment I’m unaware of their contribution and risk failing to visit and comment on it as I would like to 😦

        Either way, to be honest, I didn’t really expect you necessarily to come up with a solution but I was curious whether anyone else had mentioned such a problem to you, and also whether anyone following this post would recognise it as something they’d encountered!

        1. You’re welcome, Sarah.

          For the challenge you host, I’d recommend you ask participants to always copy and paste the URL of their post into the comments section of your post. That way, you’ll see them. Pingbacks don’t always work between WordPress.Com sites, so many hosts ask participants to copy and paste links into the comments section. That way, they won’t miss any unless a participant forgets to add a link.

  14. Hi Hugh and thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for us. 😁 My question: I blog for fun and use the free version of WordPress. I have heard of bloggers getting sued and was wondering do I need to add a legal statement to my page even if using the free version and not making a living from my blog? Is a legal statement already included with the free version? My page is https://webbblogscom.wordpress.com/

    1. Thanks so much for your question. I’ve only ever heard of bloggers being sued for copyright infringement (usually when using images/photos without permission or paying a fee). Is that what you are referring to? WordPress doesn’t include any legal statements that protect you or your blog, but you can pick these legal statements up for free on the web. Click on the ‘Disclaimer and GDPR’ button on the menu of my blog to see the one I display. You’re welcome to copy and use it on your blog. Does that help?

      1. I’m sorry Hugh I should of explained my question better, let me try this again 😁. I am in several blogging groups on social media. Often they will mention that every blogger needs to have a legal page to protect them from lawsuits. There seems to be 3 templates “they” say a blogger should use.
        1. Privacy
        2. Disclaimers
        3. Copyright
        Apparently these are needed in case someone issues a formal complaint against your blog. So my question, is this a bunch of hogwash (to get my money so I buy the templates) or is this really needed even if I blog about personal struggles and experiences? Sorry Hugh for this long comment I couldn’t figure out how to explain it. 😁😁😁

        1. I’m afraid I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t advise you on legal matters. However, I can explain what I do.

          My blog is a personal blog to me, and the disclaimer notices (one on the menu of my blog and the one in the widget section) I have are all I need because I do not sell any goods or services on my blog. The notices I have were free of charge and did not cost me anything. They are freely available on the Worldwide Web. Please be careful when parting with money for goods or services you do not need. I’d recommend you seek out legal advice from a solicitor if you are unsure or have any legal questions I cannot help with. However, I believe the legal notices on my blog are sufficient for my blog.

          I hope that helps?

    1. I’ve had great success with Twitter in bringing traffic to my blog but have never seen any referrals from TikTok. It’s all about how much time you give a social media platform and how engaging you are on them. The more engaging, the more success you’ll have in driving traffic to your blog. My most significant piece of advice about social media is not to spread yourself too thinly by having too many accounts. Stick to one or two, and you’ll see great results providing you give them your time. I hope that helps?

      1. Compared to LinkedIn, IG, FB, Twitter and TikTok, I see most referrals are from my FB. Another question – is it sufficient to understand the stats for referrals from the WordPress referral feature stats? Or do you have any other suggestions to check where exactly the traffic come from?

        1. Thank you for your question.

          You can also check information about referrals to your blog through Google Analytics – a free analytics tool that offers additional insights into your site. Google Analytics is a free service that complements WordPress’s built-in stats with different insights into your traffic. WordPress.com stats and Google Analytics use different methods to identify and track activity on your site, so they will normally show slightly different totals for your visits, views, etc.

          You can find more information by clicking the following link.


  15. Hey Hugh, I’ve found your “how to” posts to be very informative. Got one for you. Let’s say I decide a different theme is in order. How does one test the new theme, make changes then publish that theme without taking the existing blog down.

    1. Thanks so much for your question, Danny. I’d have to take my blog down for a few days when changing themes many years ago, but I don’t need to do so anymore. It’s a great question, although the type of WordPress plan you have may make a difference. I’ll certainly use it in an upcoming post.

      1. Thanks Hugh. That was my experience as well. I was hoping I was missing something obvious yet clear as mud. Yes the plan! WP likes sending all the new cool things – if I upgrade to a Business plan. Thanks

        1. Like anything, I think once you start paying for something, it should get better, Danny. Since taking out the Business Plan on WordPress, I’ve certainly seen a difference. I don’t mind paying for good service. But if the service becomes poor, I’d take my business elsewhere.

  16. I always appreciate your blogging tips, Hugh. Lately, I noticed that I cannot copy and paste the “color number” from one paragraph to another. It was possible a few weeks ago but not anymore. I have to note down the number and put it in by hand for every single paragraph. For example my poems.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘colour number,’ Erika. Just a quick thought, though, have you tried clicking the ‘copy post’ button on a post where the ‘colour number is’ and see if it works that way?

      1. You know, when I write a post (for example a poem) and I want the words of a paragraph to have a different color, I click on “Block” and go to “color” to choose or adjust the color I want. Then the color has a code like #2C3D4A. I used to copy that number, went to the next paragraph, went to “color” again and simply paste the code. But a few weeks ago, the look of that feature changed and I cannot paste anything anymore.

        1. Right, I’m with you now, Erika. This is how I do it on my blog.

          In the colour section, just below Text Colour, you should see what looks like a ‘ghosted’ out checkboard. Click on it. Click on the ‘Show detailed inputs’ icon (it looks like two small slider buttons) in the bottom right of the new window that opens. Enter the colour number in the box that contains the hashtag symbol. Once you know the number of the colour you want, you can use it in other paragraphs.

          Does that help? Let me know if that is not what you were asking. I think it is, but I can’t be sure. I’m happy to add some images if you can’t find the details I mentioned.

        2. Yes, Hugh, that was exactly my question. Sorry for my complicated explanation 😂
          That is actually how I already do it. But I have to type the number in. For some reason I can copy the number but not paste it again. I mean, it is a luxury problem. But it was possible to paste it before. I just thought I overlook something. But your explanation tells me that I did what I could 😄

        3. Hi Erika, I’ve had a go at copy and pasting a number into the hashtag box, and it works for me. I use an iMac, so I use ‘Command’ C to copy and ‘Command’ V to paste. It could be theme-related, but I’m glad you’re still able to type the number in.

  17. Hi Hugh, not sure if this counts as a question but here goes…

    What are your thoughts on affiliate linking and blog posts that are written to sell a product?

    As a sub question – do you have any thoughts and tips on balancing artistic integrity and those who desire to make money off their work?

    Not sure if that was the type of question sought but my address is perfectmanifesto.com

    1. Thanks for the questions, James. I’m open to any questions about blogging and writing. Although I may not do a whole post on the subject of your questions, I’ll certainly address them in a post.

  18. What a wonderful idea, Hugh. I always enjoy your posts and I’ve learned a lot from your blogging tips.

    Here’s my question: As I move into my fourth year of blogging, sometimes I look back on my early posts and cringe. It’s great that I’ve come a long way as a writer but I’d love to refresh some of those old posts. Is it better to delete them and republish as a new post, or just go in and update them? Also, does deleting old posts impact SEO rankings?

    You can find my blog at https://boomerecocrusader.com

    1. Thank you so much for your questions, Michelle.

      As you’re the first person to leave a question, I’ll use it in January as one of my first blogging tips posts of 2022. I’ll be in touch with you.

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