Did You Miss Any Of These? Monthly Round-Up – September 2021

  • Are you a blogger? If so, join me in answering a few questions I have for you about your blog.

Questions About Blogging: How Many Is Too Many Or Too Few Blog Posts?

  • Would you accept an invitation to another time and another place?

Thursday Doors: Door To Another Time, Another Place

  • If you’re an author of a published book, this is how creating a reusable block for your book will put it in front of hundreds of new visitors to your blog.

How To Create And Use A Reusable Block For Your Book On WordPress

  • Have you ever found yourself going back to somewhere you never visited?

Thursday Doors – Going Back

  • How this little known about block will help get visitors to the parts of your blog that are craving visits.

Are You Using This Little Known About Block That Helps Promote Your Blog?

  • Why does Richard’s memory of a big, black horse take him in the wrong direction?

Blizzards Of The Mind

  • What’s your favourite season or favourite time of the year?

Autumn Equinox #WordlessWednesday #photography

  • Will Adrian’s birthday gift to Richard spark new ideas or give reasons to be concerned?

Seat Of Horror

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Monthly Round-Up September 2021

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