Thursday Doors – Going Back

Have you ever been through a door that wasn’t there when you were going back to exit it?

It happened to me. It was back in 2017 when I first published a Thursday Doors post that included these doors.

Photo of a black opened door that shows a painting of two slightly jarred opened glass-panelled, white doors that look out on a white cat sat on a balcony that looks towards the sea

When I pressed the publish button, I was transported through the doors and could not get back.

The white cat was very friendly, but everything else wasn’t as it seemed.

Somebody mentioned who or whatever passed by me into my world when places got traded carried on with writing and publishing posts on my blog.

You may have thought it was me who left you a comment or two but was it?

Thankfully, when Terri Webster Schrandt posted ‘Going Back‘ as the theme for this week’s Sunday Stills prompt, who or whatever was here took up the challenge and got transported back through the doors.

I’m happy to say that I instantly found myself going back to where I should have been for the last four years.

My fingers are crossed that I won’t be going back through those doors when I push the publish button.

Did/Will you miss me?

This week’s doors are located in Hove, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom.

Have you ever come across doors that have transported you back to another time and another place?

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27 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Going Back

  1. I once did a charcoal drawing of a door in an old Victorian I lived in. That door always takes me back to those days. I love that door you found … enchanting just like you!

  2. I’m so glad to meet you, Hugh2, and so happy you could join us for Sunday Stills. Cool shot of that cosmic door. Nice to know the real Hugh can be bought with Christmas goodies 😉 Glad to see Liesbet wasn’t fooled 🤣

    1. No, I don’t think Liesbet was fooled, Terri. But most of us British love Christmas. So is this the real Hugh, or one you might find inside a Christmas card? Only 100 days to find out, so you better be quick. 🎅

  3. Dear Hugh or …., Is it Hugh or not Hugh? that’s the burning question as I am not sure who or whatever was here took over but I am voting for Hugh W Roberts to return here, as nobody else will be able to do justice to his blog, but the only Hugh W Roberts we know.
    I truly hope you will find your way back, so please come back asap.

    BTW Hugh W Roberts, should you be interested we have a picture prompt you can participate in on the blog!

    1. This is definitely Hugh responding to your comment, Esmé, but whether it’s the real Hugh; that is the burning question.
      However, thank you for your vote.
      Now I need to get on and feed the white cat.
      A picture prompt, you say? How do we access it?

      1. Hugh or am I talking to the other Hugh, the picture prompt can be found on my blog and the very last post. I do not want to drop a link here, but you know just hop over to esmesalon dot com and you will be able to participate. I look forward to your contribution.

        1. Thank you. Will definitely take a look at it. I participate in challenges when the prompt inspires me, and I have an opening in my blogging schedule (I don’t like publishing more than 3 blog posts a week). I’ll certainly take a look over the coming weeks, though.

  4. Thanks for bringing a bit of whimsy to Thursday Doors, Hugh. I mean, if you ar Hugh. I must say I’d miss you, but now I wonder if I’m going to miss he who was here while you were gone…a conundrum, and I’m glad to have it. PS, the white cat is the best feature.

  5. The first question is: are you still here now that you pressed the “publish” button again. And, secondly, how do we know it IS you? Thirdly, if you – the real Hugh – would leave, yes, I’m 100% sure we would miss you. 🙂

    1. I’m definitely somewhere, but not sure if it’s here. The only way you’ll know it’s me is by offering me a mince pie, Brandy sauce, a Christmas cracker and seeing how I react (it is, after all, only 100 days until Christmas). I’ll pass your final message on to Hugh – unless, of course, it is Hugh who is replying to this comment. Does that all make sense? No? Me neither.

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