Thursday Doors – Door To Another Time, Another Place

When I first noticed the street art on the wall in the photo below, it was the door next to the painting that caught my attention a lot more.

Photo of a light blue door that is open with a painting on the wall to the left of it that shows a scene of Venice
Another Time, Another Place

Blue! I love blue. But this shade of blue spoke to me. It was as if the door was inviting me to walk through into a different world – another time, another place.

The tiled floor that the door opened onto, almost matched the colours on the street art. And I wondered if the blue panel above the door is a sheet of glass that was painted the same colour as the door.

The two figures in the street art called out my name several times, but I declined their invitation to join them by walking through the door. I decided that the time and place I was currently in is right for me. I’m not ready to move on yet.

If you saw the last two doors I published for ‘Thursday Doors’, the ‘Open, Sesame!‘ door and the door to ‘The Tower Of The Ecliptic‘, the ‘Another Time, Another Place’ door is only a ten minute walk from them.

All the doors in my last three ‘Thursday Doors’ posts are located in Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. You can check them out further down on this post.

Would you have accepted the invitation from the figures in the street art to walk through the blue door to another time and another place?

Linking to the weekly photography challenge ‘Thursday Doors,’ hosted by Dan Antion who blogs at No Facilities. Click here to join hundreds of other participants with your Thursday Doors.

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33 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Door To Another Time, Another Place

  1. very cool art and door connection (but are there really hundreds of others jointing in on this challenge – I did not realize it had gotten that big and assumed it was maybe close to 100 – not that it matters but was not sure )

    1. Since I first participated in Thursday Doors, all the way back in 2014, I’ve seen hundreds of bloggers participate. You’ll have to ask Dan (the current host) how many participate each week, but he never fails to get many people to join in. It’s a great way of meeting and interacting with other bloggers with similar interests.

      1. got it! and yes – it is truly in the hundreds as people come and go and some only participate once in a while whereas others are weekly!
        so thanks for the reply on that and wishing you a good weekend Hugh

        1. And your comment reminds me of why I like the door challenge – because when so many share doors (when out and about) we really get this culture sharing) and my Weekend is going well – the mild September weather has sweetens the hours 😉

  2. Didn’t you at least pop your head in to have a wee look? I think I’d have done that but wouldn’t have stepped through. Those characters don’t look very trustworthy, especially the one in the forefront.

  3. Whilst intriguing, I’m with you Hugh, I wouldn’t trust either of these characters. I wonder what that may say about our personalities!

  4. Welcome to Venice! While I am a curious person, I will not step through your door, Hugh. I’m quite happy with the place, life, and times I am living in. I would, however, not mind having a glimpse, as long as I can return to the here and now.

  5. IT would be hard not to at least poke my had through that door, Hugh. Maybe step inside if it wasn’t too private a place. I love blue doors, and that artwork is welcoming.

    Thanks for joining us again at Thursday Doors!

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