Did You Miss Any Of These? Monthly Round-Up – August 2021

  • The residents’ of Annabelle’s hometown were not as safe as they thought they were.

When Death Comes Quickly #flashfiction

  • When was the last time you took a closer look at what’s in your garden?

It’s A Small World #WordlessWednesday

  • This new feature on WordPress is something you may have missed and will want to use.

New: WordPress Screen Options Button – Where, Why And How To Use It

  • What if what was on the other side of the open door wasn’t what he was expecting?

What If? #flashfiction

  • This is how I dismissed those that told me (and still do) that I can’t read or write because I’m dyslexic.

New At The Carrot Ranch: What To Do When You’re Told That Reading And Writing Are Not Your Friends

  • Would you enter The Tower Of The Ecliptic?

Thursday Doors: The Tower Of The Ecliptic

  • Have you ever considered turning off comments on your blog? Join the conversation with hundreds of other bloggers who have already had their say.

Flashback Friday: Why Are Some Bloggers Killing Off Comments Being Left On Their Blogs?

  • This block is something every blogger should insert on every blog post they publish. Why? Read on for more details.

Is This New WordPress Block The Best Way To Help Promote Your Blog For Free?

  • The Collector has an important message for the people of the planet Earth. Will they listen?

The Collector

  • What do you think is on the other-side of the ‘Open, Sesame!’ door?

Thursday Doors – Open, Sesame!

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Monthly Round-Up August 2021

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